Friday the 13th of Feburajry 2015

4 5 6 leaf clovers from todayUsually I  consider this a very lucky day, Friday the 13th (must be the Irish side of me)…except in the month of February! Every major tragedy that has occurred in my life revolved around Feb. 13, 14 or 15th. Typically I hide out. This year I am breaking out. (Must be the native American side of me).
Bizarre things are once again occurring. One minute have cell, next I dont same with internet. Or better yet it is selectively letting me get things like only certain text. I recieved yesterday morning voicemails today and yesyerdays texts in the middle of the night. Last night I Could not get into my webinar. And my email acct disappearing and months later appearing for 1hour and they are the carrier email accts.
Why bring it up you may be asking….today I called the bank I moved to and have been banking with for a year after leaving the bank across the street. I had been banking with them thru moving thru 4 states for a few years….suddenly lost my disability checks in may 2013.
So please understand this played into my lack of confidence with my bank of today, to be told that my social security number is set as my brothers ssn on the acct and his middle name is not on the account and my last name was wrong ….nevermind that my brother IRS direct deposit was not there!
So to answer Chris (from Calvery Church in Carson City) whom installed my ramp last week and a question he asked last week. Did I think there is a conspiracy going on out here in my community. My answer last week was, “No, I think desperate folks, in desperate times, Do Desperate Things! Unlike you and I whom choose to bank with our Creator, God & the CHRISTED One, Jesus.”
So if these things are being done to keep me safe….then someone better speak up.

And if they are continuing to go on with malice then know you will not contend with me. I turned you over to God
I will #Pray and God of my own misunderstanding will make you pay….In ways I don’t even know how to ask for. My own son’s murder proved that to me.
AND WHAT MY FATHER TELLS ME. What I know to be true….All things come full circle…all things and so far, I keep living to witness them.
I want to personally thank Bob and Laura at Independant Living and Henji too the team you sent out was awesome! I am so excited and for an update, not only did i get to take my wheel chair out to do morning prayers yesterday but I got to go volunteer and give back to my community….AND now this year I can grow a garden again. God Bless you for that! #JustSayin
AHo Mitakyue Oyasin

PRAYER REQUEST / Please take to the lodges world wide

Reno Residents of Native American Indian background…it has been requested that a blessing be given upon Eddie Lorton for Mayor office and campaign. I call forth All Nations to bring this request to LODGE this week. I am willing to do the blessing IF the Lodges and Pipes world wide will back me up. I can vouch the man is part Cherokee and walks an honorable road with strong ethics ‘for the good of the all’, here in Reno, NV. I will wait for the usual way of responses….and see all y’all in this Sundays Lodges. Personally, I back this man and all he has already done for the peoples of Reno, Nv. He Felt strongly enough; he did these things on his own dime no less.

I ask this in a good way
Wado/ Ski Woman walkin in Faith, it is I, Zentagu’e Onana.
Tobacco will be put out on the healing tree at dusk today.

The other hurdle will be District 25 Assemblyman position, between these two offices I truly ‘See’ a Vision of a Rebirth for Reno….finally! Vote the unknown name, that is the only one to bother to get an out of state CANDIDATE VERIFICATION to run for Dist. 25 Assemblyman …Keep your eyes out for it posting! (Niklas H. Putnam in FB) …Please make no mistake This is MY VISION not either man endorsing the other. As far as I know they do not even know each other. Hopefully the VOTERS will change that. Those two rubbing elbows can do much good for Reno Residents, just sayin’

YOU just won’t listen, OMG!

First let me start with this morning and someone (probably the person that stole my last cell phone before I got a government cell) YOU won’t be able to sign into my FACEBOOK (nor any other accounts of mine online) without my government cell I am on a two step verification and have been for several months now. SO someone DOES KNOW WHO IS DOING THIS. I am currently waiting for UPS/FED EX to bring by the shipping materials to send MY new 13 month old laptop back to HP and then on I AM SURE to appropriate authorities. Fasten your seat belts boys and girls, because I know who is on my side and I faithfully walk the RED ROAD.

Secondly, I find it even more interesting that I asked Judge Chuck Weller a specific question concerning courting of our young people to AA or NA rooms and within minutes …. MY LAPTOP had no internet, yet my brothers tower did! So even though IT was THURSDAY NIGHT I called CHARTER, thankfully I get an out of state call center! WHO by the way has been KEEPING track of ALL the incident reports made for many months now. After reviewing my records (in my brothers name) THEY agreed since my laptop was hard wired in, they needed to do an Tap to find out who is doing this EXACTLY. That someone would come out to do that on FRIDAY, but no one showed. While on the phone with the employee, she managed to get me limited internet, which did not last long…but long enough for my to send a twitter or two. Where I hash-tagged the #FCC and said I believe that someone is RIGGING the election or trying to IN #RENO Nevada. As soon as that was posted @EDDIELORTON and reminded Reno residents to PAY ATTENTION and that @NiklasHPutnam is running for District 25 Asse4mblyman and is having a CANDIDATE VERIFICATION done and due to release PUBLICLY any day now, look for it and personally I believe EVERY CANDIDATE SHOULD HAVE TO PASS ONE TO EVEN BE ALLOWED TO RUN, PERIOD!……****BAM**** no internet. So when no one showed Friday, I really was NOT surprised. But then I called Charter back on Saturday to find out why no one showed up nor did we get a call, and told them how I knew this is an inside job…this is when I found out that within one hour of the thursday night call stating they were going to put a tap on the internet line….SOMEONE CALLED AND CANCELLED OUR SERVICE ALL TOGETHER!!!! Since my brother and I were sitting side by side watching rented DVDs, we did not make the cancellation call! So who did? Who has that authority? Reno residents WAKE UP AND DANG IT SPEAK UP! IF YOU VOTE THE SAME GARBAGE OR VOTE for the one THAT GARBAGE IS ENDORSING then this NIGHTMARE will NEVER END. WATCH THURSDAY NIGHT MAYORAL DEBATE> I have no clue if I will be able to since I have several times this year tried to do Whitehouse conferences and signed up in advance and FEMA conferences but funny how I am signed in and waiting for it to start and *****BAM**** no internet until it is over. Same thing happened when I tried to watch the first #RENOMAYORAL2014 Debate, no cable (also provided by Charter) until the debate was over! I watched news later that night and got clips of it in the news.
So I tried texting from my government cell to Eddie Lorton who is running for mayor and couldn’t so I tried calling from my brothers Phone and ironically IT WOULD NOT EVEN RING and I tired several times.
BY some miracle the number did show up on EDDIE LORTON’S phone as a missed call so he called me on Sunday. Since he had another appiontment I did not get to talk long and was trying to speed up the story so he could get about his business of his day. But what I did learn is that NIKLAS H. PUTNAM is not going to be on the ballot! WHAT THE HELL/ HE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT IS GETTING A CANDIDATE VERIFICATION…LIKE EDDIE LORTON ON HIS ON DIME, BOTH OF THESE MEN HAVE BEEN STEPPING UP FOR ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ ON THEIR OWN DIME AND THEIR OWN TIME. IF WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT BACK AT LEAST THESE TWO CANDIDATES ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE IN RENO, NEVADA. IF YOU THINK IT IS CORRUPT NOW…HOKA HEY, YOU GOT NO IDEA what will come next! I do but everyone is too busy call me the nut. Too bad I have a record to via the government and you all still don’t know me. YET SUNDAY when I went out to the only place I go in public for some R&R you would be amazed how many Candidates came in that day to check me out. NONE with the BALLS TO SPEAK WITH me, though! BUT they all managed to speak about me and loud enough to make sure I could hear.
I am disabled, NOT STUPID! I have been graced with leaving a Military Job as a civilian, whom had a touch of rank (laughing) and ran the 19th hold and SNCO club and O Club overseer and even did the E club upon occasions. To realizing I could not work in that capacity in 1988. So I went back to school for computer sciences….before there even was a world wide web! it was just hush hush talk when I was in school. Heck Apple computers did not even have a mouse until my last year! I was one of the two the teacher would allow to use the mouse to reprogram with back then. Back in those days you did it all from a keyboard or it could be done. Todays layers ARE ALL BUILT UPON THE FOUNDATION OF WHAT I LEARNED back then. Hence how I could tell Charter this was an inside job when my laptop was hardwired in.
When the same guy did show up on saturday, He did a drive thru at 230pm and realised he was already to this house this month and he did not return till 430 and HE was PISSED when he came in the door. AGAIN TELLING buy an APPLE…no problem I surely can do that living on 741dollars per MONTH! On disability since MAY 1990 which started out as 497 per month and I had to raise kids on that no less, while towing the line for every county, state and federal agency and social security along the way. OMG YOU HAVE NO IDEA to the extent I have had to tow the line. But I have legally and honorably while I learned my heritage and the ways of it and the Lakota peoples (since my elders were Cherokee and Lakota) SO PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME HOW I CAN BUY AN APPLE COMPUTER OF ANY KIND WITHOUT LYING CHEATING OR STEALING? NEVERMIND appropriate security for it and pay for a month service on it? ESPECIALLY SINCE I PAY my sibling 600 a month to live here and signed papers so he would not loose this house after everyone has been stealing from him. And he was illegally fired from a job after his Kidney Cancer surgery and this state would not even give him NV medicaid until the last month? So we still do not know if he is cancer free or not.

This morning (Tuesday) someone is trying to get into my FACEBOOK, too bad the phone you stole last year will not longer work HUH? not any of the fake emails you set up trying to get the verification that way. I (KNOW, meaning by means most can’t access because they do no walk with Creator, God of my own Misunderstanding as I do. AND trust me I wake close, I am as accurate as Sylvia Brown but I don’t do business in the same manner as the rest)

MY FINAL THOUGHTS ARE THIS: WATCH THE DEBATE THURSDAY NIGHT THIS WEEK ON KOLO or which ever channel you get it AND if the Intel I received is true and NIKLAS H. PUTNAM name is not on the ballot for District 25 Assemblyman….Reno Residents, THEN WRITE IT IN! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO WRITE IN ANY NAME AND IF IT GETS ENOUGH VOTES IT will be on the ELECTION IN NOVEMBER. These are the only two, I KNOW are honest and actually doing for the good of the ALL in RENO. AND neither is even in offices yet nor have they been, yet they have been fighting for your rights! You do not Know Niklas PUtnam name because he has been SERVING OUR COUNTRY, He is now ready to SERVE RENO and has been. With the drones coming to our area WE NEED HIM IN THAT ASSEMBLYMAN position, or you will once again see the business start here but the jobs leave the area. And no taxes being taken in either.

@BarrickGold , Niklas H. Putnam could use the same help you gave our schools when the current Commissioner felt it was not even worthy of a vote on the update on the Washoe County schools in and around Reno, NV. So if I could ask 1 favor, it would be find this man some backing so he can properly be placed on the ballot. In Facebook soon if not already since my internet is being guided (shall we say) by who know which crooked politician(s) in Nevada. I pray you will research him and find it in your heart and best interest of Reno, Nv to ‘FIND’ him some funding. His Campaign page is in Facebook. I don’t go there for nothing, any more.

Then folks laugh when I share that I much rather be around animals than people. they laugh harder when I share my recovery story when I honestly tell them I HATE people as a general rule of thumb. Somehow others see me as a lil socialite because I have learned how to do the public pleasantries. Make no mistake the woman that birthed me taught me well how to be a vicious _unt, do not mistake me choosing not to live that way; as not being able to be one in an instant.
AND in closing, I want to remind others that while I am physically disabled, The Creator will give whatever I need when I am being threatened….IF you break into this house again; I with the Creators help will be waiting for you. Take note; it has never been me that had to go to the hospital after. One more break in and I will apply for a conceal and carry. My brother says I can’t have a gun in his house…GOD says otherwise, I can move even right here in my truck. I will not leave RENO, NV until I can leave it better than I found it since I came here April 21 2012!

Which bring up another point, how can I get online and get the same news for a week or two? and it NEVER changes?

Elder’s Meditation of the Day May 21

Elder’s Meditation of the Day

“A vision could put you on a path you don’t want to follow.”
–Archie Fire Lame Deer, LAKOTA

There is a saying, “You move toward and become like that which you think about.” If we keep thinking about a bad thing, we will move in that direction. If we think about fear in some area of our life, we will probably experience this fear. We move toward and become like that which we think about. If we think about secret things, these secret things will come to pass. Our visions are very powerful. Visions determine our direction, our lives. If you think about lustful things, it’s a matter of time before you’ll be wrestling with it. We should think about our visions to make sure they include the Great Spirit in every area.

Great Spirit, today, give me Your vision to follow.


Msit Nókmaq/All My Relations,
When we keep our minds positive very little goes wrong, but when we change to negative things havoc comes forth. This is why we need to seek out good things in our lives. Daily news programs hardly ever tell of something good, so why watch it? There needs to be balance of good and bad not bad out weighing the good. Visions are a part of our well being and sometimes it is not good to pursue the vision after all.
~ Arthur Medicine Eagle- Sonier, MEGAMAW

Gitsch Manito-Creator,Wásóq-Spiritworld, Please help me to find balance in my life. Help me to see negative but not live it. Show me a direction where I can find the balance I need to live a good life.
Welálin/ Thank You, Msit Nókmaq, Chi~Miigwetch, Mitauke Oyasin

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