10/14/2013 thoughts and prayers today

Please afford everyone, a personal pathway to seeking OUR (Human race) ‘CREATOR’ God’s House. It brings JOY to my spirit to see those that ‘vibrate at loving levels’ are also are joining in prayer….please join in finding SPIRITUAL SOLUTIONS to these many, many worldwide problems, especially here in the USA today. IT WILL mean a period of being uncomfortable, at some point, for EACH one of us. Personally, I have been getting more and more uncomfortable each passing day since May 1990. But you will broaden your concepts and your own willingness to ‘suffer for your prayers’ to be heard.
What I know to be the truth: Which road you are on (even if you truly believe you are not even on one, or still holding out for the proof of) that WE WORLD~WIDE can make one decision: To step out in whatever our mustard seed of faith may be. Even if it is only “I don’t believe myself but I Do believe, that you DO Believe”; even THAT tiny speck of a broken mustard seed WILL be enough!
Please let me explain how I came to this conclusion after seeking, Everything from old Latin Catholic ways, and all the faiths I could fit in between, to mesas, even Mountain tops, immersed in places where I felt like a cat with the longest tail ever in a room full of fast rockin’ rocking chairs. Searching for a God that would love me, as messed up as I knew at 18 I was from just ‘life choices’ of others and the lingering effect on me. Instead of the God I already truly believe had damned me to Hell here on earth by the age of 8. I NEEDED a LOVING GOD….and it took much seeking, in many ways, in many places to finally find H/Er. (Reference to the balance; not sex of our Creator, same with S/He it is honoring that balance must be maintained.)
Ponder one thing for me today, from your own house how many roads are there to your nearest Shopping Malls? How many ways can you drive from your house to the mall, exactly? Please respond back on this, because you, yourself will get what I am about to say IF you do ponder just that one thing today. Please if you have done that; then answer this and the Purpose of it IS to (after you include after how many ways); to then also tell me which way is the wrong way and why?
If you ponder that you will understand, what I mean when I say AFFORD everyone the pathway to OUR CREATOR”S HOUSE. It takes what it takes….to find HOME. So I also want you to see that though it may appear we are on a different paths in this moment, just maybe there is a reason for it. Just as I had a ‘need’ to leave my own life’s walk, a puzzle piece at a time across this fine country of ours. Maybe God gave us each a piece of the puzzle in this same fashion, on purpose even.
I have said in the past across this country, ” As souls we each come here, (as in school) in a different grade. Some come as first time souls in kindergarden, some enter this plane as third graders, some come as middle schoolers, some as high schoolers, some as college students and some as college professors. So we need to allow each of those to grow thru the grades (or go thru the steps).  Some came just to HELP thru this transition. NONE of these grades are wrong, they are merely different places in the moment. I also know MY own search took me many places into many understandings of different faiths, dogmas, religions, but once i found where I FIT, where this Triangle peg fit. They had a hole made just for me, waiting. Once I got LOST, I also got found and found came with a firm foundation….not only in my own Irish and Cherokee ways and how they did in fact both go back to pre- organized religion. Which in fact took me into a full understanding of whom i choose to call, “the Christed One” whom most call Jesus Christ. I also found that the God (at least my pitiful concepts of understanding of it) of days of childhood, did in fact care about lil’ ole me. Funny, how so many folks think the Native Communities, know nothing of Jesus. I know he was truly a gifted Medicine man sent from OUR Father. Our Creator, whom I choose to call ‘Creator, God of my Own MISunderstanding’
My final thought is this: do not discourage anyone seeking whatever way they are being lead, because just like I remind my own doctors, while you may think your GOD, I did not pray to you or any doctor on this plane, not today. I bank MY whole pitiful life, my walk, my protection in the fact that I count on the Creator, (God of my own MISunderstanding) so far S/He has always managed to keep me safe and sound in spite of life. In spite of those that have done character assassination with my name, those that have stolen my identity, or attempted to make a buck off my misery so many times it is not even funny anymore. But what I can attest to, somehow, someway this Creator of my own MISunderstanding (the reference has to do with the fact I need to remind myself that I am on a NEED TO KNOW BASIS<maybe right now I don’t need to know why i just need to DO what was placed on my heart and spirit to do….even if it meant more suffering personally. BECOME WILLING to share whatever piece of the puzzle you have with another…then and only then does everyone come away richer.
TODAY, I am willing to at the very least explore and listen to see if you may have a piece of the puzzle I call “God’s TRUTH.” like the song i posted the other day, “I want to live like that” by Sidewalk Prophets. IT is the only thing i know works, and this is not about me, this is about GOD and in LOVE and seeking those we WILL FIND solutions….amongst ‘we the people’.
I have a sense of what happens when one tiny circle gets neglected so another tiny can take. TODAY I pray no one else falls thru the cracks, but if you think maybe you are, PLEASE SEEK GOD AND THAT LOVE to find a solution.
I will be busy today, teaching myself a few programs so I can step up and speak up. I have kept my own world to doing one on one work, taking one soul at a time back to God. I have nothing, yet I opened my house and in November 2010 and once again tried to help a man that was an actor in this country…. a few days before thanksgiving he came back to my meek rented trailer to seek help. But he died before morning, even the rich will fall when they forget to live in these circles. Your Faith in GOD must preside first over ALL, then take care of your family, then your street, your neighborhood, your community, your state, your country BEFORE you try to take care of the world.
I can’t take care of the world …poor is still poor, but I have something not contingent upon money or how much of it i may or may not have. I have something so much more valuable, Priceless even….and it can’t be bought, sold, or borrowed against! I found my own spirit….and did and still am becoming the Woman I always dreamed to be. In spite of all the hiccups life sent my way….in spite of stepping into my garage to listen to K-Love and express my anger at the sheer ‘all of it’ insanity. Psalm 118 is you hope on for this day. I have to catch up with technology so I can do what THE CHRISTED ONE is placing on my heart….and while I can’t see how. I know if it has been placed on my heart by Jesus (the Christed One), then I don’t ask ‘why’ anymore, I just do it! How I do it is best said by Martin Luther King Jr , “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the WHOLE the staircase”
How I CAN step up, even poor as poor gets, in this country; IS I CAN PRAY FOR ALL THE PEOPLE OF our first MOTHER….mother earth”. Please read some spiritual text today or listen to K-Love. Support those that are your neighbors, support those that are actually doing what they are proclaiming, support all businesses that are doing business ‘in a good way’. It may not be convenient and may even cost a bit more…but thru those tiny decisions each day WE WILL SEE FIRSTHAND the MIRACLES….and there is no way it won’t leave you with HOPE even if you’re the one doing ‘suffering’ for someone else to ‘have what is needed’ trust and believe the rewards of this will be so much more than you can imagine. At least that is my own experience.

Meanwhile, I finally have this laptop finally operating correctly but have been blessed with some folks gifting me with some writing programs and new places to play so I am really behind on my own Homework. I have at least one program that is vital I go thru a tutorial today. Much Love to All Y’all….. just sayin’


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