10/15/13 Thoughts for Congress, Senate and prayers

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tag/congressional-perks they get this on OUR DIME while they tell me some disability i worked with my blood sweat and tears and paid into and continue to month get take off the top of the same said social security check …..COME on no one sees what needs done here?
we need to pray together on this because I want to know WHY?HOW they can justify to me homeless one too many times sick as a dog over this nonsense…when do they get cut? What company out there lets any company employee enjoy perks ( search that one yourself) when you don’t come to work? ANY COMPANY OUT THERE DOING THAT?
then ‘why/how’ ? can someone please tell me while I sit here in my bed uncomfortable as hell and i don’t havta be but i am from past actions taken and inaction for the ‘we the people’ to speak up. and I pay for mine! lately in two states no less with no medicare anyhow in either state for too long. PLEASE CONGRESS, SENATE EXPLAIN WHY? HOW? WHERE IS YOUR PAY CUT ?PERK CUT? just wonderin’

because I get to pay for this? #3 below and you pay for what exactly? up there; in all your comfort making the USA look like a Hinney, WORLDWIDE once again. just sayin’ do you ever think of what mark you are leaving behind or do you even care anymore? just wonderin’
‘Definitions of ‘entitlement’ [en-tahy-tl-muhnt]
Dictionary.com – (Showing 1 definitions)
1. the act of entitling
2. the state of being entitled
3. the right to guaranteed benefits under a government program, as Social Security or unemployment compensation’


we just need to keep praying together. for even the governments of the world to find spiritual answers to these problems….today read, and read some kind of uplifting encouraging words or text r and try to make someone else smile today. hold fast to your HOPE …let each of us walk today in whatever we have for faith. Pray Pray Pray that we all can come together for what is the good of the all not just the few and that we not again take from those that already have nothing left. almost feels like our systems is scamming us daily…just sayin’


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