What I learned today, appalled me and then left me with such a Hope On….


“The center is still functioning despite the shutdown, because Congress gave it funding that didn’t expire with the fiscal year. The center gets about $8 million a year from Congress, and so far it has survived efforts to kill it by budget-cutting House Republicans.”

“The shutdown felt like a holiday, they said, rather than a catastrophe.”

By David A. Fahrenthold, Published: October 11

{two direct quotes: please read both links.  just sayin’
While Congress did manage to find money for the first story….look who they chose to let fall thru the cracks, in this next story.}


“Head Start was reeling from the cuts implemented under sequestration, which represented the program’s largest funding hit since it started in 1965, according to the NHSA.”

“Seven Head Start programs were closed last week after the federal government shutdown Oct. 1. Those closings left 7,195 low-income children without access to the program, according to the nonprofit National Head Start Association.”

By Niraj Chokshi    October 7 at 4:34 pm

I, first want to Personally thank, Laura and John Arnold for offering up the 10 MILLION SOLUTION FOR the second post. MAY WE ALL LOOK AROUND AND STEP up like THIS. Many blessings upon you, for all things do come full circle. YOU GAVE, at least 1, of “we the people” a Huge Hope On, today!
Personally, I am appalled these two things occurred on OCT. 1st. while the SAME Republican Party was blaming Everything on the President and Obama-care…
No wonder they didn’t know what they wanted. Just sayin’
One Woman Walkin’ in Faith is shakin’ her head at life’s ironies.
So can anyone please explain to me why ‘WE THE PEOPLE” let things get to this point? I’m just thankful that we are getting folks willing to STEP UP TO THE PLATE and Just DO the right thing because they CAN. Bless each person that CHOOSES to do that today. Even if it is only uplifting others prayers for solutions to these many problems. If we can’t afford the second story, “we the people” need to speak up on HOW/WHY the first story even got funded!

I continue to do what I do best…. walk in faith…. Just sayin.


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