10/16/2013 Thoughts and Prayers and Hope On for today

Thoughts and prayers and what gave me HOPE today:
“Washington – Alaska’s senators are joining a growing group of lawmakers urging President Obama to rescind a recent executive order granting pay increases to Congress and other federal officials, saying the move doesn’t jibe with the country’s debt crisis.”Excerpt from link above from fox news.

Here’s some Real HOPE after that:
“President Obama’s decision to return 5 percent of his salary to the U.S. Treasury in show of solidarity with federal workers might make folks wonder whether Congress will do the same.” Excerpt from the link above from the Washington post.
This second article left me, personally, with such a Hope On! Just sayin’.
To see the ripples coming out of REAL CHANGE. So before you assume; Pray, Open your heart, listen. I see This one act as the ACTS OF TRUE LEADERSHIP…BY EXAMPLE! As I have said look around your communities and uplift all those, each and every one, that you see leading by example and thank your Congress and Senate that are also seeing where the conflicts may actually lay and are actually STEPPIN’ UP to the plate for the purpose of finding Solutions.
One Woman Walkin in Faith suggests doing some reading, help someone else in your own neighborhoods just because you CAN and it is the Right thing to do. Again, COME together, worldwide and Pray with me today that we can find Spiritual Solutions for not only the USA but every inhabitant of Mother Earth. We are the HUMAN Race…let’s be Lakota (Chief Joseph would tell you this is the word for HUMAN)

(may I suggest you go to #YouTube to hear from Chief Joseph)

Thank all of YOU whom are stepping up to the plate and sending out ripples of HOPE. wado


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