Telecommunications Access for People with Disabilities

even tragedies can be met with just coming together to pray on one thing at a time. Though I have been unable to get a secure line until today. I am fairly certain things are contained and I can now get back to writing and learning my new programs for it. and doing what i do best….praying and trying to help others more lost and confussed than even I am. But TOGETHER and with love in our hearts and minds and spirits when we choose to pray…Together…MIRACLES pop up like little flowers in the spring….everywhere! soon I will share the miracles I have witnessed here in Reno even amongst the tragedies. Tonight I think i will show all y’all how to make what we are trying to do together (putting aside our differences and just praying for the good of the all and then following up on whatever is placed upon your own heart) is playing out in real life ways in my little community. Hold fast to your HOPE and Whatever your own faith is or even is not. to pray with me you only need to believe that I DO BELIEVE. even if you are one of the one’s that call me a ‘nut’. Truth is this: my sanity is not what is in question. what is in question is each one of us and our own willingness to just come together and hear each other and be respectful and loving when we do it. Remember, your own neighbor may be taking a different road to the mall than you take….but you both will get there. IF you become willing to communicate…well you may learn of more ‘just different’ roads to the same mall. just sayin’ maybe we need to apply this concept more each day to our own everyday lives. You can be someone’s Miracle today…if you do whatever has been placed on your own heart to do just because you can. no agenda, just because you can and it is the right thing to do. ‘we the people’ one by one CAN effectively change things for ‘the good of the ALL’


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