Square 1 once again….OMG

Thank you for my government cell phone….it got sent back today…when I received the new one which did not have a full keyboard for my nueropathy in my hands…worse yet the back won’t fit it….and still the clerk is telling me to charge it….how can I with out taping the back on? which is then considered damaging the product that is refurbish anyhow which is why the new back for it does not fit…..

Welcome to my life….so I have to fed ex the first phone back…the working one….but too hard for me to use….to even hold it makes my arm go to sleep within about a minute. I am holding on to the second one, which I can not charge safely nor activate. Let me top that off with I get to help clean my brother’s vehicle tomorrow so that we can turn it in on a voluntary repossession ….loving life today and grateful I woke up. I am going back to praying for the hopeless….

Apparently I am One, and I thought I had some hope left. Maybe on this fourth day, I need to ask if I even do. Meanwhile, in the mail is something from Wells Fargo for Aap Kuchle at my address , Wells Fargo you should only have Birds and Grato at this address….while they wonder why I won’t pin the card they sent me; I still wonder where May’s social security check is and why they sent me a card with the wrong name,and not even spelt correctly! They do have the correct information on me. Why would I pin that card that is wrong in so many ways? Maybe the fact they keep trying to find the money under my divorced name should give them a huge clue…it is not the same name Social Security uses for me.  But  that might explain where My May benefits went…..just a thought.

Welcome to my world; down in the twixt of things……ain’t life grand? Since the only dependable person in my life just left to his temp job….I guess I am calling it a day. I need to conserve energy to wash a vehicle tomorrow and turn it in on Thursday morning.

Please Pray for me because I am feeling pretty anxious now.


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