then a poll

‘Is Dawkins’s statement on par with the claim that Obama is a ‘secret Muslim’?’

and I choose Number 4(which is :another reaction) so here is the explanation and reaction:
Personally, I do NOT care if our President Obama is an Atheist or Agnostic or Catholic or Christian or Baptist or Muslim. I ONLY CARE ABOUT TWO THINGS:
FIRST IS HE DOING the JOB we elected him to do or can I at least see that HE IS TRYING to do so.

SECOND IS HE WILLING TO PRAY WITH ME>>>>whatever way, He Understands or as I claim (mis-understands Our Creator)….I, personally, learned after having my son murdered in Feb of 2002 and then having one of his younger sisters show up to Asheville Memorial Hospital DOA, in beginning of June 2002, it only takes a  Willingness to put the dog and pony show aside, along with all…

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