Glitches, Glitches and then there are GLITCHES

Please review all 3 of the links here before you read my own comments.
I don’t know about anyone else; but I woke up and decided first thing; to LIVE in my Faith. Baby-step out in whatever that may be today. It was a decision. Enjoy viewing some other peoples work first.

United Airlines Glitch Results in $0 Fares … via @ABC

Walmart Resolves Issue Causing Super Low Prices On Website After Glitch – ABC News (via @ABC)

Walmart Resolves Issue Causing Super Low Prices On Website After Glitch – ABC News (via @ABC)

I asked for you to watch these videos for a purpose. Everyone, PAUSE for one moment and ask yourself, for TODAY do you want to be part of the problem OR part of the solution?

I choose to make it my mission to be Part of the Solution, but that does not mean I am not HUMAN first. So while I watched these videos, my response was varied. The Walmart in Lousianna, I want to feel for you as a business but let’s face it this was a repeat performance of last month’s EBT glitch where they just let everyone thru although there was no system up. (there is one all y’all can go look up for yourselves, might find it in related articles) So when it reoccurs a month later, well folks are gonna take advantage while they can, especially if they are already in a panic. You did not follow the emergency protocol that had been set forth. As for the shoppers, while I understand EBT and panic when no one can call any of the 866, 877, 800, 888 phone numbers;  since I know we could not access these numbers here in Nevada for a week. You, as an EBT recipient, know about how much your amount is to be posted each month. You know how to save the receipts like I did, this week, when I used my EBT to shop.  Although I could not access my balances, I can still add. Personally, I think if you took advantage of the situation on purpose and yes, 10 shopping carts IS on purpose, YOU should foot that bill. Just like Walmart.
Being Human, when I watched the other Walmart video of the online shoppers and then all those that did take advantage due to a tweet. For a second, I THOUGHT, well good for the little guy. But A steal is A Steal, however you procure it. As for Walmart’s SOLUTION of cancelling all the orders and even offering a $10 gift card, I think you handled that more than professionally. Your company had already lost millions. The Fact that you are even offering the $10 gift-card, blows my mind. Now that is turning the other cheek. Although, harm had been done to your company, you chose to Rise above it yesterday, find the solution and still hand out Hope in the form of a gift-card. Personally, I think y’all saved some folks from themselves. just sayin’
Very first thought, when I viewed the United Airlines video, I thought of all the plane tickets home I could have bought for a niece to come home from college. Yes, that really was my first thought. But in the end, IT will not be my thoughts that I stand before my Creator over. It will be my ACTIONS and my IN-ACTIONS that I will have to stand, justify and ask for mercy about. Not my thoughts, it will BE my acts and my deeds that Count. So while I did think that, I did not even consider attempting taking advantage of any of those Glitches. Not one item…
What I stand for is my own word, my own honor, my own sense of community, family and the Creator. Am I acting LAKOTA? a native term for Human Being. I ask myself this each morning; when I ask if I am going to listen to my fears or Live in my Faith? I decide before my feet hit the floor….I choose to act and live in the red circles of Lakota. Where I care about you because it is the right thing to do… no other agenda.
This man in the next story was caught red-handed being Lakota …..
A Lesson In Being Good via @HuffPostRelig
You didn’t think, I would leave you before I left you some HOPE, did you? What is the point, if we can not discuss these things and TURN them around? Share some perspective and even pray together on some of these issues.

Obamacare has glitches, so Did every update and upgrade in Nevada in the last year, from the Dept. of Social Services to Unemployment. So why are WE THE PEOPLE being so harsh on Obamacare’s  GLITCH and yet so willing to accept ALL THESE OTHERS> ask yourself. just sayin’

Let’s put these issues in our individual prayers and hold fast to our HOPE. Let us each decide for just today to participate in being part of the SOLUTION, rather than adding to the problem.
Living in circles means sometimes the tiny ripples get huge…and well; ripple out until too many bad ones collide. But like a bag of apples, when you find one turning you cut out the bad spot or just toss the bad one away, you don’t throw away the whole 10 lb bag of apples.Although, you may end up making a truck load of apple pie.

Even better than even apple pie today…..
is now OFFICIALLY in Biz! Congrats!


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