This is what I have been dealing with since I moved to Nevada in Aug 2012. please watch the video and click all the links in the blue bar on the left of the page. HP program @ DSS gave me 12 hours a week. for in home health care. Like I told my doctor, unfortunately I am A VETERAN PATIENT. Personal Hygiene, help with meals, laundry, and shopping, driving to and fro help is about it for a whopping 12 hours per week . No other help that I qualify for like therapy, assistance walking, etc. I also recieve SSI but now I need to apply for lieap assistance and other assistance that I should get automatically? HE IS GIVING US NO CHOICE AND DEFINITELY NO HOPE. PLEASE MEDICARE, MEDICAID, MR PRESIDENT, HARRY REID, PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS….I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE AND I AM 53 AND HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF GIVING UP AND MOVING INTO ANY KIND OF NURSING FACILITY/ HOME. I HAVE ORIGINAL MEDICARE AND WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT THE STATE OF NEVADA IS DOING WITH THESE FUNDS. BECAUSE AS YOU SEE THOSE INTENDED TO GET THEM, ARE NOT GETTING THEM. AND FOR ONCE I WOULD LIKE TO GET WHAT I NEED, NOT WHAT SOMEONE ELSE DECIDES I CAN HAVE. I TOO PAY MONTHLY FOR MY PREMIUMS THEY ARE NOT FREE. OBVIOUSLY THE GOVERNOR IS NOT HEARING ANY OF US. and actually I think I will attach a current doctors letter that has been submitted. FOR FURTHER IN HOME HEALTH CARE THIS WAS THE LETTER THEY RECEIVED at DSS Washoe County.

this is the second letter since i believe April 2013
this is the second letter since i believe April 2013

now my caregiver took a temp position to help catch up since NEVADA started glitchin and in the 3 weeks since this letter I fell. My caregiver was at his other Job in order to try and keep this house over our heads and the NV ENERGY ON FOR MY OXYGEN. I guess the governor overlooks the disabled and elderly in this state…unless he can get your check via putting you in a nursing home. Although, most in -home health care, has proven to be cheaper all the way around and safer; with better and more personalized care.

TIME TO STEP UP and do what the people put you in office to do. I don’t think this was it. Time to do what’s right because it IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO> period.


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