PLEASE  read Mary Noble; (senior editor) article:

Is this REALLY what the 3 strikes law was supposed to be for? I wonder since this man for 20 years on his 3rd strike of nothing but pot possession has had quite a different ripple than most are willing to look at.
Please let me tell you, EXACTLY, what this man being in jail for 20 years has meant, by way of rippling out into my own life. Since he has been in jail and the jails all claim over crowding….well, now that may be why they still court order known violent criminals and pedophiles into what the courts deemed long ago as religious; no beds in the jails.

They still do court order in many states. Now in Missouri you can apply to not attend as of Nov 5 2013.  Wonder how that will turn out….
So while this man sits in jail on just pot possession charges for life with no hope of parole, this has affected in my life. Someone like a known violent criminal or a pedophile did not get locked up due to the claimed over crowding. Instead they were sent places like Alcoholics Anonymous rooms and Narcotics Anonymous rooms and no one even thought that the members of those groups needed to know why these folks were courted order into the room. Just sign the paper saying they were there in attendance for the courts.
In my life, it meant while this man was jail for the rest of his life,  for possession of the ‘GATEWAY DRUG OFF’ most of the drugs, these days (not to mention the many other health benefits) ….someone like the man who murdered my only son and dumped his body a few counties over in Buncombe County, NC from me did not get a jail house bunk. He was on the run from another state FL, that court ordered him to the AA rooms and did not get a life sentence for the 3 strikes  (or however many more there truly was).
Please someone tell me, who twisted the law to suit Who’s agenda? We as a society need to start looking at these issues and act accordingly. When I say ‘WE’ I mean, you and I down here in the streets trudging all the way up to the White House.


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