@ithink, Better than what ….Nothing because that is exactly what I have been getting and paying for it no less. While Nevada state agencies send me on what, they already know is a wild goose chase, on gas they know I can’t afford. You mean you think it will get worse than this? Laughing out loud, I am disabled not stupid. For the first time in 25 years I may even have opportunities due to the great spider web of finding work in the confines of my health issues if I had the Right toys to be able to play. As far as my own health, well,
DANG GOOD THING I NEVER PRAYED to a doctor, or any man/woman walking the face of the earth. I have already done more ,with nothing then most will ever try to do. I have been told I never would, could, or maybe should do, but I do a self check and prayer check and check. Friends say I am tenacious. I will tell you I am a hard headed woman, that hates people as a general rule of thumb, to be perfectly honest. Most laugh at me when I say this, even though they can tell i am being serious. Though many have come to earn my Respect. In my world, I know I am Rich…with things the ‘rich’ can never find with all their funds. As long as I continuing praying to the power I call the Creator, I KNOW THINGS WILL GET WORSE BUT I ALSO KNOW I GET A CHOICE EACH AND EVERY DAY that I wake up. That one decision does decide IF I will get better, not you, not my government, not even my doctors. And once I decide to LIVE in my own mis~understanding of my Creator and do what is right because it is the right thing to do…it sends RIPPLES. Those too, will eventually collide. That is the Day I wait for. My elders spoke of the great Spider web….she is here. Now how are the children of earth going to choose to utilize her is truly the question. That is what will decide, ONE BY ONE, WE DO GET A SAY. I personally, choose to walk and LIVE in my faith…that means I am accountable and responsible and not for just right now, whatever helps me; it means I am accountable and responsible to make decisions based on what is the BEST for the GOOD of the ALL for the NEXT SEVEN GENERATIONS. AM I LEAVING A RIPPLE OF PAIN OR HEALING?

If that means more bending over and taking it like a man to ensure the next 7 generations; then I am willing but if not, well then, I want my dang Kiss!


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