2 suspects arrested for string of Reno graffiti

2 suspects arrested for string of Reno graffiti.

Here’s a novel concept…give them appropriate Community Service Work…..say scrubbing and stripping the paint off. Then repainting on their time and their dime, everyplace in their lil’ string.Once that is finished, then doing Community Bldgs X 3 to repay the REST of Reno.  Or how about working on doing some repairs on Washoe County Schools since WE THE PEOPLE did not even get heard on our Community’s children health and wealth fare at the schools for AB 46. Washoe County Commission shut it down!?!?! Say What?! WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO STEP UP ON THIS ONE>EDUCATION MUST be a PRIORITY IN OUR neighborhoods, communities, THIS county, and our state of Nevada. Otherwise, this county cannot grow nor can this state get out of it’s unemployment rate.

Thank you to Kitty Jung for speaking up and especially for STEPPING up.

Maybe; Washoe County needs more Home-schools and home~schooling networks. If so, I think maybe the ART Instructors, have already showed up. Just sayin’

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