Caving in OR Smart Leadership?

Has it occurred to anyone yet, that if we had all this weather ACROSS the country that each storm makes a break in the system, each power blink, outage? In the effectiveness of the ability of the WWW too, not just your TV. So while the numbers may seem to favor individual states, I find it too ‘improbable’ to believe that individual states did better than the government. Where are all those folks that voted for CHANGE? Sometimes, that means, it is now your turn to be uncomfortable for a bit.
When I think of how much I personally have been hacked into since I got this laptop for my birthday earlier this year…..and just ponder it for few seconds….I start wondering if maybe someone did not hack into ALL of this…. Not to mention Mother Earth having weather and solar issues. Just sayin’ I do not see Obama as Caving in but rather resolving to FIX it. Let’s be honest, this would still be happening if Hillary had gotten elected back in Nov 07….this is a Former Presidents’ legacy, not this President’s.
What I personally know to be true; as long as WE are busy playin’ the Blame Game, no SOLUTIONS can be discussed nor found.
I want to hear of SOLUTIONS and give the HILL a minute to breath, man. Do you want another band-aid or do you want it finally fixed? I have been in a medical gridlock since Oct 2011 and still waiting and relying on what some good doctors took the time to teach me. And I am still here to talk about it. So let’s help find the solutions….Decide to be part of the solution. And a little prayer never hurt. So pray for Solutions for the ‘good of the all’….tonight I am resting up so I can go partake in trying to be a tiny piece of solution in my little community, where what I can do, Does matter.


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