Inspirational News Stories

Inspirational News Stories.

To be Lakota means to be Human. Humans need balance just as Mother Earth is seeking to balance all of her inhabitants upon her. So this is for the Lakota INSIDE of each and every one of us. Listen to inspiring music, read inspiring books, news, short stories, and communicate through Prayer (talking to your own understanding of the Creator) and meditation ( the waiting part; laughing; or the part where we Listen. Then actually follow up on whatever the Creator has placed upon our hearts, or it is just pondering) Listen carefully to the Elders. Help me choose to make our planet a better place to live. Let me help to find your balance while I still strive daily to find mine. Click the link  above and I know you will find something you will find inspiring for your day.

Check out Stereo Circle @stereocircle , he finds some Unique and New vibes and upcoming artists globally in the music fields.

Nothing better than also having some good food…. check out Denise for some great recipes. Today I had Italian stuffed spaghetti squash…with left overs…yum. With the weather coming over the bowl I love so dearly, and a full belly, head and heart…well I only lack a nap.

Please offer up prayers for Lonny @ProBuildNetwork he needs to FEEL the LOVE. This is a man that Daily Inspires  an untold ‘many’.


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