Ripple effect of 10 shopping carts….

Couple things I feel the need to correct. Like the unemployment numbers falling in NV. 9.5 to 9.3; is nothing. Nor do I believe it.Let me explain why I don’t buy it. When this state did it’s glitchin’, Aug and Sept, with the ‘unemployment system upgrades’….then informing everyone;” Oh ya and we are broke until the new fiscal year so now fight each week for the pennies we are offering you( my sibling went from 305 per week to fighting to get 67 per week thru the duration of glitching and government shutdown. Suddenly there was Temporary Seasonal Jobs lasting from the end of Oct, Nov and Dec with hired dates showing Oct.. Isn’t that kinda rigging the numbers to appear as if?
Next let’s talk about the National glitch with EBT. JP Morgan, who apparently have outsourced the customer service info lines and jobs  to Grenada. At least that is who, I have to call to get my balance. One of the many 888, 877, 866 and 800 numbers that also glitched during the same time frame. Speaking of balance, I wrote on glitches, glitches and then there is Glitches, on this topic a week or so ago….but once I could finally call and recheck my own figures since I did not take advantage of grocery shopping with 10 shopping carts of food on my EBT benefits…I was once again floored. OH HECK YES @HarryReid, I felt the carpet pulled from under my feet. I called on my siblings phone a week ago; to get a recording informing me that due to a 2009 law increasing EBT FOOD ASSISTANCE TO THE NEEDY AND DISABLED is being rescinded on Dec 1, 2013. But I thought surely I must have heard it wrong. So I left it alone till I could listen again and appropriately deal with this BEFORE we go hungry for Christmas. Actually I was done doing my commentaries for the day.

So tonight, while watching the 11 pm news…well I just sat here saying to myself #SayWhat!?! Opened my laptop back up and called the toll free number again(which is not free on the government cells). I Heard the same recording EXCEPT now it says as of Nov.1 2013. Oh of course, I did go to the site address which they kindly repeat again on the recording: WWW.FNS.USDA.GOV/SNAP. Funny, none of my browsers, nor my many search engines can find that page. HHHHMMMMM!
So I pay for no medical really and the premiums for Medicare are taken before my check is even deposited to me, my food snap benefits got cut and no one knows nor can tell me  by how much my pennies for food will be cut.

Ironically, I only get 10 days to report any changes to all the folks I have to report to but I get told things like they now get 90 of their ‘now new business days’,whatever they are gonna be. Where is my 10 new business days’ whenever I want them to be’?  just wonderin’ Why is the page gone and why is it the 19th of the month and no one can even tell me how much of my food stamps they plan to keep. Not to mention where is the letter advising me of such changes as required by your own laws?

Maybe I need to take the Nevada pledge of selling my soul or go work on a ‘ranch’ to get what I am supposed to have. Seems they will be getting better medical than I already pay for. And by the by, in this state I only get ONE choice for a government disability phone and that is SAFE LINK cell/Trac Fone was added to assist me further and I ended up with less. Then they wanted me to buy minutes promptly since on the 4th try in almost as many weeks, they put 10 minutes on the safe-link/trac fone.  Dang, if that didn’t take 4 tries to get me a phone that worked and I could work with nueropathy in my hands and feet.  We won’t discuss the fact that while I held a non working phone for a week waiting on the third cell, I had one of my many  ’cause unknown fall outs’. Thank goodness I had one of my nieces here because I had no way to call for help or 911. Since my sibling is also my caregiver….how did I end up on the wrong program which only gives me 12 hours of help and assistance per week. His only real job and he still got 305 unemployment with it. Here;s a novel concept, get the funds that California was/is getting for my home health care since Oct 2012, a year now.Which is one of the many things I pay medicare premiums under Original Medicare with a true date of May 1992 in my other name and  the same SSN. Bush changed that medicare date through his Medicare reform bill in 1996. (also when he did a paper reduction act that took the 12 page social security app to 2 apps that totaled 13 pages now. When he illegally, kept me off disability for 3 yrs, on a law that did not apply to me. For the next 3 years I prayed more about food to feed my children than any other single thing in my life. Followed up, a decade later, by his son stopping my benefits for calling him on the carpet via email to him, over his medicare changes which essentially  killed my husband of 6 months. No consideration of safely taking someone off some medications and starting them on others and the need for hospitalization. Those privileges were all cut by Bush W. but not for him and his constituents. Consequently, I made the mistake of sending an email to him asking if His real reform was to kill us all off? I thought it was a legitimate question, all things considered….within weeks I once again, lost my disability benefits for a entire year. Not even Social Security Administration could tell me why I had lost them…even the letter they sent me that had 4 lines for them to type in the ‘why’ of it; were entirely blank. Labor day weekend the next year, I finally got an apology and a back check of $7000. A years worth of living money, medicine money, cloths, food and cleaning supplies, basic living needs…..thank goodness I wasn’t still raising children on it ….Originally I was getting less than $500 per month in May 1990 between SSA disability and SSI. 25 years and you want to discuss cost of living raise, I never have gotten enough to survive, 25 years of cost of living, another joke. Alot of good folks helped me and my children along the way. ALOT. 25 years later; I received 650 and 21 for a grand total of 671 to survive and attempt to be a good citizen. 25 years = 174 increase in my benefits….bet your bottom dollar though Medicare premiums increasing each and every year had alot to do with that and trust me their end increased 4 times what mine did. I know i get a 1% increase for cola and they get a 4% premium rate increase right behind it You make it impossible to not have any choice but do something illegal or immoral. Like good folks robbing CVS stores out of mere oppression and desperation.  When they is no one left in NV
How about some aid to the Washoe County schools…you found alot of money for other stuff according to channel 2 news tonight. millions in fact.
WHERE ARE THE SOLUTIONS? THE ONES FOR ‘WE THE PEOPLE” that put you and others in office? This is NOT about y’all….HELLO your job is US….. “We the people” . Get back to basics, man.
To the woman in the news clip; I showed on another day with the 10 shopping carts….I hope you are making sure your neighbors are not going hungry due to your hoarding. My benefits are cut and no one can even say by how much….Where do you live, because I am coming there to Louisiana to eat next month. You should have enough to feed the whole street and the next one too.
These are the very things I am sick of dealing with and in the END; I suffer for, and I tow the dang line. NOT 10 Shopping carts because Government is glitching again; so let’s do it again like last month.
#SayWhat!?! I got a cast iron pot for that one! Come here…

and if Nevada does not  start taking care of more than just the casinos and the ranches and the roads to them…no one will be left here to live. Except tumbleweeds, coyotes and whatever else the fires bring down from the CA smoke.

Guess I need to request a 30-06 shotgun and a rod and reel to start hunting for Christmas (as if there may, even, be one here laughin) or does this state even give disabled fishing/ hunt licenses for life like so many other states  do? I already do a garden, when able. shotgun, rod and reel and a machete and I can go right back off the grid……..nothing here to stand for when the leaders don’t stand for those that put them in office. JUST SAYIN’; time for  SOLUTIONS FOR the US that put you there…Or I may start a firing campaign. one voice at a time…GOP wants 3 seats to stay empty…well one possible solution is fill the objectors seats with some of these unemployed folks begging for a job.

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