One tiny everyday Miracle….in Reno, Nv.

I want to personally Thank, Brent Wilbur, for steppig up to the plate and owning your actions. That is being accountable and responsible. Tough thing to do today when you witness so many negative things and actions occurring and paying off in ways they just should not be paying off. So I have a good grasp on how difficult if must have been for you to come forward and own your actions Knowing that it could very well end in a bad way for you. I also want to commend the fact that though the University is ALSO stepping up and cutting you some major slack or if you will presenting you with an opportunity to do the right thing, (like taking responsibility for the chalk getting cleaned up if the rain does not wash it all away) Please do NOT misuse this opportunity the U.N.R. is willing to give you.

Your motive was to impress and regain a young woman back into your life, I suggest you follow a basic living rule I try  to follow daily. ALWAYS leave a person, situation, place, even mother earth BETTER than you found it. If you apply this to your efforts on the clean up you may be further surprised by the results. That effort may impress more than just the young lady involved, just sayin’. You obviously have talent, maybe that talent will get refocused into something to beautify Reno. I look forward to seeing the end result of clean up of Peavine Mountain near the University of Nevada, Reno. Make it be your signature handiwork and may I suggest asking first. That is first sign and opens the lines of respect.

I also want to THANK the Spokewoman for UNR that made this statement:
‘A spokeswoman for UNR said the university does not plan on pursuing charges because it’s more concerned with the hillside being restored than someone being punished. She said rain will likely wash away the chalk soon.’ For your willingness to handle this in a ‘solutions’ method for the good of the ALL. Nice work.

May Brent’s gratitude for the opportunity to change his past, present and even his future show through in the work he does on the clean up of this. Brent, no one said you can’t ask for a little bit of help from your friends….even that may surprise you. But I will be keeping this one in my daily prayers till I see the ‘after’ photos.

Wilbur said he is willing to clean up the chalk.


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