Elder’s Meditation of the Day November 28

“People say that crisis changes people and turns ordinary people into wiser or more responsible ones.”
–Wilma Mankiller, CHEROKEE

There is a saying, conflict precedes clarity. The Medicine Wheel teachings say, in order for something to change it must first go through a struggle. When a crisis enters our lives, other powers are there to help us. We will learn some lessons. Will I honor and respect the next crisis?

Great Spirit, if a crisis occurs today, let me learn the lessons of wisdom.


Msit Nókmaq/All My Relations,
When we say what goes around comes around it can mean numerous things good or bad. It totally depends on where ones heart is at when the thing is being done.We grow and learn continuously. We pass our knowledge to the younger and they repeat the same. If the knowledge is not passed then all will eventually be lost forever.
Arthur Medicine Eagle-Sonier, MEGAMAW

Gitsch Manito-Creator,Wásóq-Spiritworld, Thank you ffor the daily struggles and lessons that I am being shown. Please help me to continue my walk to do what is correct for in your eyes. Welálin/ThankYou,MsitNókmaq,ChiMiigwetch,MitaukeOyasin

Permission to post the Daily Meditations has been granted to Five State Alliance of First Americans from “WhiteBison.Org” Please support Their efforts at http://www.whitebison.org/home.html

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