Good ole’ boy politics…I had HOPE UNTIL the dang Medicaid worker showed up. Guess in the state of Nevada only chance I WILL EVER HAVE IS TO GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE. OR HIT #PCH. Mr President does anyone remember what ORIGINAL MEDICARE IS OR MEANS ON A STATE LEVEL? as I sit here once again crying after dealing with someone representing the state, which would rather eat the expense of me in a nursing home than give me the basic crap so I can at least try to live a semblance of LIFE. As I cried and as SHE smirked telling me how she was just trying to be honest with me. Which means I will get 12 hrs of help or go into a nursing home. So SOMEONE please tell me what in the heck I am fighting to wake up again for? In RENO, NV it is like MACON county NC …good ole boys can get away with murder……….politwixt. Maybe there is a reason there is so much earthquake activity under Reno, maybe mother earth will cleanse this hell hole.

Look how fast y’all made me eat me words of being proud of Reno. It is not the residents, it is the government offices and officials they make us deal with. And they wonder why the kids are shooting each other up in the schools? And I am proud of Reno residents that have been stepping up. AND VOTE FOR EDDIE LORTON FOR MAYOR IF YOU WANT Any HOPE. JUST SAYIN’ my opinion. And I have no idea if he is Democrat, republican or independent….doesn’t matter to me…I am looking for the fools that are actually doing what they claim…and doing it honestly…and he is asking the same questions I am and he has been on the other side of the good ole boy politics as a business owner in Reno for 30 yrs. That sealed my vote. Having been on the otherside of much government stupidity, myself.

OMG!!!!!!! bend over and once again take it like a man #SayWhat!?!?! Where is my bloody KISS? HOW much exactly does Medicare premiums supplement NV Medicaid program? and since when does someone receiving SSI have to apply for LIEAP energy assistance. Why did my government Safe Link Tracfone take 4 tries and a month to get me…and yesterday I went to answer and missed the call so went to voice mail AND who is gonna buy minutes for it since I have nine after just talking with medicare Medicaid and doctors and texting my sibling that takes care of me.I had 19 before it sent me to Verizon call center and it is not a Verizon phone.  Which asked for my password and told me it was wrong and then sent me to Verizon?

Is anything not encumbered with the encumbered officials in this state. JUST ASKIN’  MY whole life has been blowing whistles I did not want to blow. Seems Reno is gonna just one more on my personal resume to the Creator.

MY only HOPE IS Creator sending a miracle now and I got no hope for y’all. none to share today, mine got stolen again

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