Quote of the day

Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living         things, man will not himself find  peace.
—                   Dr. Albert Schweitzer
The arrogance I find in two leggeds, is exactly why I choose to spend time with those the Creator did not give free will, in this plane of existence to….the animals, and if you pay attention to them, you will know things…but you got to slow down to observe them. Folks tell me all the time ‘God does not send burning bushes” and I ALWAYS and in ALL ways beg to differ on that. Every spiritual and even a lot of non religious or non spiritual literature states WE two leggeds are the STEWARDS OF MOTHER EARTH AND ALL HER INHABITANTS…
folks you won’t even help your next door neighbor but you will rip them off first chance you get….the Creator gave us two leggeds Free Will in this 3rd dimension…but the animals only know faith, trust, love and survival. Animals are true to their nature to their death UNLESS they are BROKEN by a two legged. Like some folks do with pitt bulls…force them to go against their very nature out of fear. But until they get a two legged that treats them like that…they don’t have fear…only survival mode. Some don’t stop at pitt bulls.
I could understand some of what is happening in the world today if it was survival mode…but it is just plain arse greed. 20% in the offering plate at any church WILL NOT get anyone’s sorry butt into heaven, either. It will be your deeds. It will be when you give away the last ;piece of your own bread in absolute faith. I highly stress to many folks I work one on one with…I don’t want you to have my relationship with my MISunderstanding of the Creator…I want to help you get your own, and I can’t tell you what path the Creator has decided is best to use you on…but I do know s/he will put you on one made just for you and somehow if you pause for a bit, you will find a way to use it (even the bad and ugly) to help another to give care and concern to another, to somehow better the ‘good of the all’….even tragedies.
I can tell more about a person from my dogs and cats than they could tell me in a lifetime….but then I know how to SEE and read Burning Bushes…I see them daily. and I see people actions finally come full circle….two leggeds are cutting your own throats in the name of our Creator no less.  And you wonder why you can not find piece.~Woman walkin in faith

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