since I have ptsd since childhood, does anyone want to know what happens to folks like us when we have to deal with crap like what I have been put thru? like a 4 hour delay in morning meds that were stolen this morning..thank god I only had enough out for today. So I wonder who has Roger’s daughters keys but that won’t matter after today… one keys including for the lock box will work. Go thru the desk one more time…. I saw Roger off at 3 am….I was rudely awakened which immediately pissed me off since I have had issues just getting to sleep for a flippin month now. Cuz while I know where his daughters keys were HE also know where both his daughters laptops were when one left this house. Add to that that my safelink phone has been compromised. Now texts are quite literally disappearing off my cell like the one that SAID INFO FOR KEEPER; and since my location was released to the whole damn world last week also. and parts of my son’s investigation are still open like how the AA lawyer that handled Bill’s will along with my son’s sponsor also from the same area in fla as this lawyer ….ended up being able to just step up to the plate and pick up on a fraudulent loan that his sponsee or my son’s sponsor Gerald Estes Or Micheal Gerald Estes or several versions with several social security numbers back in june of 05 when the Federal Marshalls knocked on my door. When the house was paid in full before Bill died and was left to my son with 12 acres of land… is the lawyer who cosigned a fraudulent loan able to step up and take over the loan and move his family from fla to my son’s house which by all right’s should have past to me? so many things I wonder and RENO I told ya I been blowing whistles ALL MY FLIPPIN LIFE… the crooked poltwixt occurring here…better stop and you better stop lining your damn pockets with my money and other disabled folks thru your SET UP SYSTEM cuz last I checked this state is still part of the UNITED STATES and not it’s own sovereign NATION but CHEROKEE IS. I am not on there rolls…due to being one of those down in the streets saving arse’s folks…you know the crazy one they send the hopeless causes to. If I can’t help you it is a lost cause. So Please don’t think that having my location reveiled to the world this week has not stressed me and then I got to see the degree worker that does not know as much as I know with no degree. I would volunteer at DSS but I would have to work with mis informed people that never( INCLUDING DOCTORS  @UNR) get taught there is a huge difference in the new medicare and original medicare and I WILL STAND MY GROUND….IF YOU NEED REFERENCES…SOME OF THOSE MAY SHOCK YOUR EDUCATED ARSES. YOU HAVE NO IDEA….BUT KNOW IF I JUST DISAPPEAR…PEOPLE FROM ONE COAST TO THE OTHER HAVE PIECES OF MY PUZZLE. AND THEY WILL STEP UP TO THE PLATE IF AND WHEN NEEDED. I have been here too long and have no more patience. I don’t keep or use guns but know this the next idiot that breaks into this house key or not….I have a hell of a mean swing when I get pissed off enough. oh and by the way Samantha Grato you are herby informed that I STOLE you knuckle ZAPPER FOR MY PROTECTION. piss me off I can and will move but I promise someone will go to the hospital and it may not be me.

anyhow got way side tracked but at least calming down now. I don’t want to bite someone head off for distraction. But no keys will work on this house any longer. YES #PCH I am ready to move to an undisclosed location right here still in RENO where I can go back to school…not sure if I sure go for disability advocate for after someone gets on disability or cyber security. and if I ever get the much need and over due toys that help my issues I want to get to an online school right here from RENO where I can continue to teach a new doctor the conscquences of bad doctoring and herding patients in and out and not listening to what they are trying to say. even when they are hold records to prove that go back to the state of Michigan. so now Kaiser and unr are trying to figure out who caused what….what I know is MY FLIPPIN MEDICARE PREMIUMS CAME OFF THE OP OF MY CHECK. I have a government cell that is new and compromised and dumbs trying to undo what they have done and stealing morning meds. OMG I WANT SOME TO HAVE MY SHOES FOR A DAY….like the educated idiot that just did an assessment which verified I was still in the same RENO CROOKED POLTWIXT NETWORK. So I have no intention of leaving till it gets fixed…then we can discuss how I have been getting hacked from inside the house.

sorry gotta go puke but at least for the minute the chair is finally next to me so it will hopefully only be 2 steps to the chair.


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