On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me: Opportunity !


Many, many moons ago, a little girl dreamed of a little boy and playing in the Redwood Forrest in California. For many reasons this little girl would revisit that dream ‘on purpose’ as an escape route to shut out what was occurring around her. A few years past, but the dream never changed except both this little boy and I seemed to be getting older in these dreams but the content of the dream was always the same. We were playing and I would get glimpses of things I did not understand since they seemed so far into the future about our lives. Some of it was our lives separately and some of it was mind-boggling and seemed unrealistic even to me, since it was obvious even as a child it would be so, so far into the future. It would be approximately 4 more years of just sleep walking and waking…

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