Invite to Jion me Daily….

Each morning before I get out of my bed for the day there is a few things I do faithfully. First is, I Give thanks for waking up one more day, for this day is full of untold Opportunity. Then I make my first decision of the my day… the only important one if one was to ask me… I decide if I am going to live this 1 day walking in my fears or Living in my FAITH. Today, after years of doing this, I can tell you it is an easy decision for me. Please don’t mistake this to mean my life is Easy, for it truly is not. But Creator gave me power over 2 things when I woke up…how I Choose to think and how I Choose to feel about anything and everything. NOTICE I GET TO CHOOSE, but it is also all the power I have to change. I can change how I think and how I feel…everything beyond that is the Creator’s department. Next thing I do is mother nature calls for my boys (service dogs) and self and on days I am able, I put on the morning coffee. Then I climb back in bed and LISTEN TO #DailyAudioBible on my laptop. I contemplate what I have read from the #EldersMeditation and have the privilege of being allowed to re~post it for the rest of you, while I Listen to Daily Audio Bible.

Someone that was very dear to me always said, ” I only go where I get FED”. No, he did not mean food. That was his guidance in his life. If where he was going or who he was with did not somehow FEED his Soul…he just did not want to bother. He said life was way too short not to get to the dessert first.

So I invite everyone to Listen daily with me to Daily Audio Bible, to continue reading the wisdom of the Elder’s meditations, and most importantly PRAY and MEDITATE> follow up on whatever God of your own understanding places upon your heart. It has been those things placed upon my heart that seemed crazy even to me, that in the end brought the most amazing incidents into my life. These tiny things built the faith I have today.

I truly believe through PRAYER, we together CAN change the world. Choose to LIVE in a CIRCLE in 2014.

May each step of 2014 bring about more awareness, more compassion, more love, more healings, more willingness to compromise to do whatever is best for the “GOOD OF THE ALL”

Let us all Choose to make 2014 a PRAYERFULL YEAR! Wado, 1 Woman walkin in faith


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