@444 pm PST Today

144 prayer ties, to bring in the new year and requested healings were completed and hung @444 pm (with assistance) on the healing tree !
May 2014 bring the Healings to those in need; as well as all of Mother Earth’s inhabitants….Especially Mother Earth.
May we each try to the best of our daily ability to UTTER FORTH into Being, the Miraculous things/healings WE ALL NEED TO OCCUR.
May we each choose to live in CIRCLES and may we all seek justice with mercy for everyone.

Commit to speaking and listening to whatever your own Understanding is of OUR CREATOR and may we all find compassion and seek to help each other and even be the Hope Bearers for those that need a face on those days of doubt.

There is but ONE RACE…the HUMAN ONE…humans being. Let us all choose to walk the walk, find our own path. Speak up, speak out and speak with honesty. Mindful, what we utter, we Will bring forth. 2014 is filled with possibilities and With Creator, God of my own MISunderstanding, things even become probable. Seek miracles, expect miracles, I promise you that if you do, you will find MIRACLES…remember that sometimes blessings come disguised as tragedies, NEVER GIVE UP HOPE> CHOOSE DAILY TO WALK IN YOUR FAITH AND OVERCOME YOUR fears. Wado for sharing this year with me. I look forward to writing more in 2014 and just being grateful for waking up each morning. Join me in utilizing your spiritual tools. Even be so bold as to share them with someone else in the new year. It is the sharing of knowledge of those pieces of the puzzle we each hold that brings forth truth, joy, and love.
Walk Softly ….Woman walkin in faith


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