Yesterday, started a new year….

I started it the way I have started my year for quite a few moons now; with prayer for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants….while many things occurred yesterday; much more noteworthy, to many more folks than just me; I wanted to share my little miracles with you.

I put out a worldwide prayer request,  a tad over week ago. I also asked that all that were willing also include me in their prayers and those that know me take me into the lodges sweating in the year. Personally, one of the hardest things for me has been not being able to go into sweat lodge on this long, long trek; I was requested to make.(recently I was given contact to an honorable lodge here, so no worries) While I have landed where I was supposed to land, not all of this trek is done. To finish it, I will NEED to be WELL. So while it may befuddle many, I knew when each lodge started…KNEW. I could feel it. I could feel each fire with the grandfathers, then per usual….I went to a ‘twixt’ place. Where my body may be here but I am standing before others someplace else on this fine planet that nourishes us each day, Mother Earth. I am told by others; when it happens, I speak many native languages; that while I am awake I would tell you I understand but can’t speak them. But this is because WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. I embraced that fact as a child. It would be one of the many things that made me ‘different’. This knowledge is why I asked for a worldwide prayer request for healing All Mother Earth’s inhabitants, self included.

So while there are so many more newsworthy things I could be discussing…I want to discuss 2 tiny miracles in my life on January 1st, 2014. The first one is in direct line with my prayer request for my own healing….I have had neuropathy in my hands and feet for decades, but in my feet the longest. Actually, the first sensations I had had in my feet was experienced in the Thumb of Michigan at a campground owned by the Doogan’s; my feet began to sweat! That was back in 2006. I almost threw a party over it with a dear friend Keri. MY feet had NEVER sweat before. Folks at the campground were laughing at me.

Yesterday, I felt for just a  minute, all 10 of toes Burning. I was SO excited. I almost cried, (like right this minute, on the brink of tears) It was painful, but I could feel them! I was so excited I told my best friend in life, Jimmy. He chuckled at me not really knowing if he should be excited about it or not. Then I remembered what to do about the ‘pain of it’. It really was painful! So my best friend helped me get outside so I could put my bare feet ON Mother Earth. My native teachings tell me things…. things like Mother Earth will take my pain as I have agreed to walk in harmony with H/Er (written as such, out of respect of the balance of energies; as in S/He). I was born with gifts just as each one reading this was born with gifts from our Creator. Some of us ran from them and some of us ran towards them. I was one of the later. As a child, these strange things were the only things in this world that did make any sense to me. I got outside and found a patch of yard without ice or snow and stood for a moment or two till the pain left my toes.

The next tiny miracle, I had been praying for was that my best friend would get to meet his 1st grandbaby, a beautiful little girl,  Little Moccasins. Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday, he turned ‘older than dirt’ lol….. but his gift came…. bless all those responsible for the gift of a visit on his birthday. Nothing could have topped that for a birthday gift to him.

A personal thank you for allowing her to come, goes out to her Mom and Dad; along with a personal thank you to the ‘helpers’ that brought her(even the absent helper). May your year be blessed beyond belief.

Today, my toes are not in burning pain…but I have an awareness that they are THERE, which in your life may be Nothing, but in MY life it is NEWS WORTHY after all, at least to a few. laughing…. Happy New Year. Utter forth Blessings each day of 2014. Just 1 woman walkin in faith



  1. My family is going through the most intense spiritual-warfare i have known in my life.
    As i write,my wife Edith has been arrested because of a business deal that she was not involved in.

    Please intercede for us and for her release.

    In Christ,




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