SEEK and you WILL find…

Yesterday, I posted an update which included news of my toes. When was the last time you were grateful, let alone even thought about your toes? To be honest, the last time I know had feeling in my hands was because a pain management doctor had asked me if my finger nails and toenails hurt that day. I had to stop and do a check in with them on the spot, that was when I realized though I was losing sensation in my hands and only part of my fingers but on that day I realized I could not remember the last time I felt my #toes.

But I sent out a world wide request for #healing on my own behalf, since I know some things before they happen or come into being, I know the purpose of the walk to this point. I, no longer see the Need for me to continue to be un well to finish this walk. Some of this knowing also tells me that I am not even half way there yet and I do not want another 53 years of being ‘dis-eased’ or ‘diseased’!

This is the year to call forth into being….

This is the year to Seek and you WILL find….

This is the year of Miracles! First you must dream them, feed them, care for them, tend them like you would a helpless child. As I write that, I am reminded we ARE #All ,meaning human beings , merely the Creators’ children. So like a child; I try, daily, to walk in my mustard seed of faith, to live it, eat it, sleep it, and most importantly #Feed it.

For me, each day I start my day with a #Spiritual tool kit today I thought I would share  a few of those:

I start my day, with gratitude for just waking up one more day. For it represents one more Opportunity to do the Creators’ Will and not mine. Before my feet hit the floor or I take morning meds from my be, I give prayers of gratitude.

This morning, they included going out yesterday and returning to find 2 tiny miracles in my mailbox. Disguised as mail, no less! A personal one for me, which while I am grateful for whatever it brings…I am not ready to share what it was, just yet. The other envelope was for my best friend and he received a voucher for some free play at my favorite hidey hole #Dotty’s store 11. This place too is a spiritual tool…used when either I or my best friend are having one of those days of doubt or just need an R and R moment. This is when I get to share one on one and have a machine to validate things I am trying to help him understand of the Unseen World that most Native American Indians hold dearly.

The next daily tool I use, is that I listen to #DailyAudioBible with coffee in bed. One of the things I love, is that they use a different version of the bible each week. It leaves a person with a broader scope of what may have been meant; that may have been lost in the translations or editing of bibles for the common man back in the 13 century. (here’s an interesting tidbit I discovered long, long ago: at the same time, the Pope also abolished 10 days and we went from a Julian calendar to a Gregorian calendar, on a King’s command) So I enjoy starting my day listening to the bible and opening morning emails…and I do a bit of playing #PCH while I listen.

Throughout my day, I have a beat up radio someone gave me instead of the trash man which I have set to #KLove radio station. I learned along my walk in life, to choose carefully what I allow in, that influences my thinking and feelings. I want those good vibrations, to be surrounded by them actually! Last year, I got my best friend to take the 30day challenge they have to just listen to their Christian radio station or any one of them for 30 days and see if it has had any effect on you. This challenge lead to my best friend also listening to DABdotcom with me daily with coffee in bed.

These don’t look like spiritual tools and heck I admit they don’t sound like them either…but I can attest to is this: It WORKS. Give it a try. BUT BE WARNED…you may end up Seeking more. It may leave you with a thirst for more knowledge and a willingness to build bridges to understanding other cultural ways that you may find you finally fit in with. That is an awesome feeling…

Yesterday, my final miracle, though ODD…I was so happy to feel my toes and they were SO Cold. I could feel they were cold. You don’t have any feeling for a decade or two in them, then it *BAM* , you have burning toes that the next day you once again feel and they are cold….trust me, you would be grateful too. They are not burning in pain today, I just have the sensation of my toes are cold. Personally, I find it kind of bizarre to have not sensations from just above the ankle bones to my toes. BUT I CAN FEEL MY TOES and they are cold. I could almost throw a party….if only I had money.

Walkin in faith meant last month after my disability check posted, my new card had already been compromised, so it got cut up in beginning of December in 2013 and I am now waiting on the second replacement card to be sent to me. The first never arrived. So every penny of my disability money is and has been tied up in waiting on a new #WALMART GOLD CARD to arrive. Thank goodness at least my SSA AND SSI won’t just disappear off my cards again. Please pay attention and follow up on things you find askew. These days, walkin in faith means being mindful that not everyone is walkin in any faith and we must be prepared for this too. Ignoring it does not make it go away.

So tell me what do you to get thru your day? What are some of your spiritual tools? Me, I walk in my own faith in Creator, God of my own MISunderstanding. When you SEEK what do you Find?

If I wake up, I Seek and FIND tiny miracles throughout MY day. Sounds TOO simple and it IS, so don’t complicate it, just Seek and what I KNOW, is you WILL find….


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