Blown Away That This Grown Man Could Talk Like That to a 20 Year Old Hostess

I can only imagine how that poor 20 yr old Hostess must have felt. Whom ever the ‘man’ was totally out of order! I once upon a time was also in this industry. I too am totally blown away by the utter RUDENESS AND SELFCENTEREDNESS that seems to abound. Personally, I try to focus on all the good ones, the ones just feel good to be around, the ones #FightingtheGoodFight by choice. Seems you are one so let me tell you what helps me. I #pray and Refocus. I get to choose my #perspective. Who knows, this ‘man’ may have just been in an argument before getting there, mayhap anything could have been behind how he choose to behave. Sometimes, we just got to give them some #Grace. And have we not had those days, life was just happening and we needed folks to just listen and show us a bit of grace for the moment. Thank you for sharing this story, I enjoyed it and it made me even more grateful to have met another disabled person in Reno this day that went out of his way to try to aid me. So don’t give up hope on humanity just yet. Try praying for him to have a peace~filled and unstressed weekend. You may be amazed to find that it will also help you.

Break Room Stories

I was a hostess at a fairly popular restaurant close to a movie theater. This can attract some large families on busy nights, so we strongly suggest reservations in our advertising.

It’s a Friday evening and we’re already on a wait. This family of seven saunters in, and the father asks us for a table. I tell him that we do have about a 40-minute wait, but if they’d like to wait on the patio and order an appetizer, there is space for them.

He frowns, whispers to his wife, then turns back to me. “Nah, we’re going somewhere else. Go fuck yourself.”

I almost didn’t believe I had heard it at first. Seriously? I was blown away that this father, husband, adult-fucking-man felt like it was OK to say that to a 20-yr old hostess. What.


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