T.G.I.F. 6pm

I love it when life just unfolds and hands out opportunities. I rode with my step-sibling out to #NevadaJobConnect today, so he could once again apply for a job with #Genco and old Betsy …well she still is sitting in the Reno Town Mall out front of Job Connect in a handicapped spot where she was pushed back into back as we, (well Roger) could. Betsy is my old 1993 GMC SLE 2500 C Series pick up truck. Seems a rock is probably stuck in the starter and once I did manage to get the ole gal started I could not get back around to the driver side door fast enough when I saw the wheel on the starter was froze and the belt was burning up. snap went the belt! unfortunately before I could get to the key to turn her off.

Life on life’s terms…somedays …. but I am a firm believer in I GET to choose My #perspective on anything and everything in life. Funny, another disabled man on a cane stopped to try and help us out. Bless his walk for just bothering to stop to see if he could possibly help out. I have not too many opportunities to meet some of those types of folks since coming here to Reno. So Bless that man for just stopping to check if I and my sibling were ok or needed anything.

But I had called a neighbor, that came right out to pick us up and even offered us use of her vehicle tomorrow to fix ole Betsy. Like me; ole Betsy is tired. But she is all we have right now and we are grateful to even have that. So hopefully since Roger went in and talk to security and we did leave a note stating it was not abandoned at 4pm, we would return on Saturday …those that know me know, when the sun goes down in the winter, so does this one woman walkin in faith.

I choose to believe in miracles and nurture those. It is a choice. So I would greatly appreciate it if #RenoPolice would keep an eye out on my ole gal of a truck with handicap plates in the Reno Town Mall near the #BurlingtonCoatFactory. I don’t even have Januarys benefits since my disability checks are still tied up in the cut up card from #Walmart that my disability checks post to. Expect it to continue to be tied up till the 14th. The guaranteed 7-10 days of arrival is long gone back in Dec. We are now on my second promise of a guaranteed arrival 7-10 days. Thankfully #Walmart did immediately place a security hold on my accounts so maybe my disability checks won’t disappear again. Once a year is hassle enough(how my benefits ended up on a prepaid card is another story, another day) but this is now the second time in the same year. (CLAIFYING the first time WAS NOT #WALMART) Result is I (probably Roger since he already has an account with them) will have to go take out one of those Money Tree loan things to buy parts. Which we really can’t afford the fees for a short term loan when income here is so below poverty level I am shocked to still be in our home. That too has been a HUGE blessing….#Chase has  gone SO above and beyond in working with us all last year and even now to help us stay in our home. I would bank with them if they had a bank office in Reno. They have earned my respect too.

Then I will get to supervise a automotive lesson that another  brother and I got as teens….then again he and I always were the mechanically inclined. So never fear, Chuckie, he will still get dad’s lesson on vehicles from when we all lived in Lynn, that he ducked out on. It’s winter, so I can supervise and give guidance from the #Chilton’s. All things do come full circle, in Creators’ time or at least that has been my experience.

So I got a few miracle prayers going on right now….from coast to coast and one or two north and south of us. So join me in prayer on a Friday night….that it be warm enough tomorrow (since I already feel the next storm coming) that I can go supervise and maybe chuckle a bit and once again tonight I am more grateful than you know to actually feel cold toes. Hot diggity! God is Good.

Right after my morning start up which I do daily, I will be heading over to #AutoZone on Lemmon Drive to chat with my GMC guy and to price parts then to the Mall to TLC ole Betsy.

Believe in miracles….feed That wolf…you will find miracles.  So #T.G.I.F to all y’all; be safe and stay blessed.Mindful that what you utter will come forth this year more than ever…..

I am uttering forth nothing but Miracles….how about you?


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