Personal request

To operate the Home website pages for Elders Daily Meditations takes $400.00 per year.Your web secured $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 contribution from the heart will be greatly appreciated.
Woman walkin in faith, “In native life we live in circles, which means we take care of each other. We honor, respect and see to the needs of our elderly, our disabled, our needy. Arthur MedicineEagle Sonier is one of the Elders bringing the knowledge of the ancients (those whom have lived on the Red Road before us) to us and adding more to think about. Showing how it Still Applies this day”
Please show your support financially for this effort. As you see He is only asking for financial help with the cost of the secure web, So please be generous; so that maybe he will be paid for his efforts of running and operating the Website pages. As he has done for many many moons now.
We Live in CIRCLES, and in our beliefs THAT and supporting things like this ARE how WE SHOP SMALL in life and living. I try to only do business with others choosing to do business in a ‘good way’ I can tell you that Arthur Does and actually soon as my benefits arrive I will be shopping small with a ‘offering’ or exchange of energy with this Elder. Please help me #shopsmall with Him. Wado. Woman walkin

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