Throwback Thursday in my lil world

Normally, Right now I would be down in my little community at an Elementary School helping my local food bank. We have a Mobile one that comes to my little community once a month.

Today, I woke ….well…I asked for a healing coming into this year, yesterday was a sweat lodge day and while I was not present in body I was present at many lodges yesterday for my own healing. Laugh if you want, I am ok with that. But SEE I believe in Miracles. I expect them even! So I woke as I should have….sick as a dog does not describe it. I know that this is part of the process of asking for the healing as I asked for it. I went earlier this week and got my Dexa Scan (bone density) results. They were as expected. BUT then again I NEVER have placed my FAITH in ANY Doctor on this plane. I place my faith where it belongs…with the ‘Creator of my own MISunderstanding’. Now S/He can work some amazing events….speaking from an observational point that IS my experience.

So while I even warned my best friend; when I asked for this healing, what it would and could mean…I forgot it was Wednesday, ….yesterday! That is until I did the Uncontrollable go to sleep thing and then hours later came out of it. (Are you still laughing? because today I am laughing about it) So the morning after, produced the anticipated results…I was sicker than a Dog from the minute I woke up and stayed sick until my best friend got me into and out of a tub and back in the bed. Then he left to go do, what we do This Thursday of Every Month…we go to the mobile food bank. I can not give money due to the fact, I personally  live less than half of the poverty level, monthly. But I walk in my faith.


I also go through the line as a recipient !

So as I sit from my bed I am feeling better and I know my ticker needs me to walk like it or not today…so HERE IS MY #ThrowbackThursday . If you have and can; I ask you financial support MY local FOOD BANK of Nothern Nevada where unemployment is off the 0-10 chart.

Wado, stay warm, stay safe, check on your elderly or sick neighbors today. You may be surprised to find that it will make YOU feel better Too. JUST SAYIN”


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