LOOTB Gives in Nogales, Mexico

AWESOME! Ggod work all y’all @LOOTB

Life Out of the Box

LOOTB Gives to kids of Nogales, Mexico

After crossing the border, we were all excited to explore Nogales and give school supplies to children in town. As we walked around the village, we realized that there were actually very few children around. We quickly found out from a street vendor that kids were in school until 1:30pm, so we figured it was the perfect time for us to grab some lunch before distributing school supplies.

LOOTB Crosses the Border into Nogales, Mexico

We all LOVE mexican food and couldn’t wait to taste the local grub. We found a cute cantina that was packed with locals and each ordered our favorite dish from enchiladas to fajitas to chilaquiles. All of the meals were delicious and the perfect thing to eat before the journey.

LOOTB Crosses the Border into Nogales, Mexico

As we left the restaurant, we checked to make sure that we had all of our bags and then headed to the nearby elementary school. We set up our little distribution…

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