Elder’s Meditation of the Day January 14

“It is a native tradition to sit in a circle and talk-to share what is in your heart.” –John Peters (Slow Turtle), WAMPANOAG … The talking circle is also a listening circle. The talking circle allows one person to talk at a time for as long as they need to talk. So much can be gained by listening. Is it a coincidence that the Creator gave us one mouth and two ears? The power of the circle allows the heart to be shared with each other. What we share with each other also heals each other. When we talk about our pain in the circle, it is distributed to the circle, and we are free of the pain. The talking circle works because when the people form a circle, the Great Mystery is in the center.
My Creator, give me the courage to share, and the courage to listen.
Msit Nókmaq/All My Relations, When we meet in council we do not always agree but are able to view others opinions. This can help us to see or find the things we need to work on to make our ways work better for our people, families and self. The circle should always open and close with prayer so we can be of good hearts when we speak, This way we learn to refrain from argument and diplomatically discuss things in a more dignified and respectful manner.  Arthur Medicine Eagle Sonier  MEGAMAW.
Gitsch Manito-Creator,Wásóq-Spiritworld, Please help my mouth to speak the proper words this day and every day. Help me to listen and understand. Welálin-Thank You,MsitNókmaq,Chi-Miigwetch,MitaukeOyasin
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