PHONE SCAM ALERT 206-701-0285

Reno residents and the rest of USA,  @NSA this is a  #PhoneScamAlert . I received a call from this number this morning calling to say he was from Microsoft office 365 and someone was attempting to download spy and malware to my computer to please let him  remotely connect my computer so that he could stop them. I asked him why would he be doing it? he only replied because he was Microsoft Office 365 and it was his job. Now please hurry so he could catch them. He made it sound urgent and for my own protection. I asked him how he got my new government cell number then since Microsoft office 365 does not have it….I can count on one hand how many folks do have the number. I have not released my number online to anyone or any site. I continued to question how he got my number and he just kept repeating that I really needed to hurry to allow him to remotely connect for my own protection and that he was Microsoft Office 365 security. Finally I told him when he could send me an email proving he was Microsoft employee and no his word was not good enough for me then I would contact him back and hung up. I suggest not even answering your cell phone or house phone if you see this number because It looks like one that was calling my brothers number a few months back saying he could give him a grant and send the processing fee. BE CAREFUL< THINK> DO NOT LET THE SENSE OF URGENCY THE CALLS COME WITH GET YOU OFF GAURD>PAUSE, because if they are legit they will understand and wait. AND THEY WILL CONFIRM WHO THEY ARE. If you have any doubt, then do not give your info out to anyone! 
I also suggest using reverse phone number look up.
According to this is listed as a land line business but if you look further you will see this:
This phone number is flagged as a telemarketer
(206) 701-0285
Seattle, Washington
  • Company: Bag-of-Shit
    Complaints According to 457 People
  • Type: Telemarketer

6 thoughts on “PHONE SCAM ALERT 206-701-0285

  1. We keep recieving calls from this number saying my cousin owes back taxes and that she will not be recieving her social security check if she does not pay. H ow do we take care of the situation. We know it’s a scam because she is on disability a John d receives a check monthly from the government! Please Help! !?

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    1. Be even more careful I got two Grant calls in the last week. For 9000. Bucks I just need to send processing fees….buy a green dot card and send them the fees that way…..Now they are using * 67 so the number comes up unknown but it is the same voice. Be very careful my friends.


  2. Got a call that said my card was compromised and asked for card number, pin and exp to verify charges. financial institutions will never ask for pin number, ever. Be careful and always follow your gut.


  3. Received v/m from 206-701-5901 entire thing was automated voice. Says its a call from the us treasury something about # 9165 and they are calling me about tax fraud and I need to call before federal claim court is notified or before I get arrested.


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