Had a Hot Date with #UndercoverBoss

Just finished watching Undercover Boss with Bruce “Two Dogs” from the Mohegan Tribe. Good to see a face I know. Wonderful representation of what it truly means  to live ‘Native’ ways. To Walk the Red Road is a choice and is a Walk of Equal Respect of ALL that Is. We must take care of our circles. Our circles send out ripples for generations….we are responsible and accountable to 7 generations or by Unc’s count for the next 13 generations.

I wonder how many even realized that you showed each of those employees  the Highest of Honors, with what so many will only see as a foot stool.  Wado, for being a #BearerOfHope and carrying the pipe in an honourable way. Thanks for the #HotDate @CBS and Congrats on your beautiful grandchild, Bruce. Another bright spirit on Mother Earth. Always refreshing!

Yes Two Dogs, you pulled off  #UndercoverBoss   ~~~~~~~~ !

Zentague Owana ~ Woman Walkin In Faith

to learn more about the Mohegan Way check out  www.mohegan.nsn.us

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