Elder’s Meditation of the Day January 20

“The most important thing now is to reveal the inner temple of the soul with right thinking and right activity.” –Willaru Huayta, QUECHUA NATION, PERU …
The key to growing a strong tree is to have a good system of roots and to feed the roots with good medicine. If we put poison in the root system, it will affect the tree, and it will become obvious to the rest of the forest what is being fed to the roots. This is also true of the human being. We need to feed our roots with right thinking. If our thinking is right, it will become obvious to the rest of the people. We don’t need to tell people about ourselves with our mouth because our actions always tell them.
Great Spirit, direct my thinking today. Feed my roots.
Msit Nókmaq/All My Relations, When we look at a tree it is hard to realize that under the ground is a system almost the same size as the one above the ground. All of the roots nerve endings travel to the heart of the tree. That is where the tree will receive its nutrients. Humans receive nutrients in a few ways, Food for the mind, Food for the body, Food for the Soul or Spirit. We must check to see which root system is lacking and then give nourishment, This is done in the use of real food, and Spiritual guidance for the mind and spirit. We partake of these daily and this helps us to live a good life and live in ways never imagined while we were doing alcohol or drugs.   Arthur Medicine Eagle-Sonier, MEGAMAW
Gitsch Manito-Creator,Wásóq-Spiritworld, I humbly Thank you Creator for the nourishment you give to me in order for me to survive. What you allow to me I will give freely to others because this is my understanding of what you require of me for my daily survival. Welálin-ThankYou,MsitNókmaq,Chi-Miigwetch,MitaukeOyasin
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