Miracle Monday just sayin’

First I want to thank some great folks in Truckee, for doing business ‘ in a good way’. It would actually be my first miracle of my Monday! For months they have really gone out of their way to help me. And I want them to know how truly grateful I am.

Then I stopped by my personal favorite hidey hole Store #11. Where it was just busy as it could be, but I needed prayer materials and buying them there saves me enough to sit and get a bit of rest and relaxation in. Another Business, doing business ‘in a good way’! Two in one day and oh yes it was a holiday. A Holiday for a man with a dream and the willingness to #StepUp  for that dream. Anyhow, while I was there  getting some R and R time in and chatting with my best friend in life about matters of concern;  I can show him  how to babystep out in his own faith easier by example, especially when life gets stressful. While I was doing that, I had the honor of meeting Steve Hixon the General Manager. I want to thank him for taking the time during a hectic day and a shift change, to personally see to helping me fix a small matter while I was there. I did appreciate it very much.

Reno, I know we are all stressed, but we can all choose to Pray, Uplift and Encourage each other. We each will have our days of doubt, even I have them and I pray almost all of the day….even when I am in the garage and fussing at the God of my own misunderstanding. Still praying. So there’s my Miracle Monday….oops almost forgot!  I got an unexpected message and had a conversation with a man that earned my respect when I did research on him few months back, Eddie Lorton.

So silly as it sounds, even if you don’t want to pray for yourself, well heck then; Pray for me or better Yet….pray for ALL OF RENO, especially all day Tuesday. When another businessman, Eddie Lorton, goes before the Nevada Supreme Court in Carson City to fight for ALL OF RENO’S RIGHTS TO A FAIR GOVERNMENT THAT IS NOT ENCUMBERED >THE PRESIDENT ONLY GETS TO BE PRESIDENT  8 YEARS < Why is there anyone running for office that has already been in office that long. The gig IS NOT A CAREER< IT IS A PUBLIC SERVICE POSITION. Seems those  elected or were they?; feel differently. Excuse any mistakes, new kid in Reno but not first timer in Reno. I too have a touch of childhood history in Reno, back in the late 60’s. So If you can,  show up to court tomorrow and be present and counted for…then go for me. I had a really long day before I got home and to be honest I will do good to make it to the couch tomorrow.

But you can bet I will be in prayer most of the day on This Nevada Supreme Court Matter…even from my couch. Pray with me, if you can not go stand in Carson City for me tomorrow.


Creator, WE THE PEOPLE, come to seek Justice with mercy. We pray for what is “the best for the good of the ALL in Reno, not just the few.” May we All be willing to BE THE CHANGE WE WANT in Reno. Ah-ho Mitaukye Oyasin Wado. Woman walkin in faith


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