Prayer Request for Today Scales of Balance for Nevada.

Gitsch Manito- Creator I Call upon Wásóq-Spiritworld

It is I, Zentague Onana, a woman walkin in faith, I cry out to you THIS Day Creator on behalf of the people, in particular the people of Reno, NV and justice for the ‘good of the all’ . I make this journey daily, to help restore the Scales the Balance…wherever I find they have been tipped against what is ‘good for the ALL’. TODAY much hangs in the Scales of Balance for ALL of Nevada not just Reno; Knowing this I ask you Uplift a Brother in Need this day. He too is a Bearer Of Hope, he is many things, Today his journey finds him STEPPING UP for ‘the good of the many’ in Carson City, in a Nevada Supreme Court. I ask not for me, just as he has made this journey not just for himself… but rather for the many. I support his journey till now so Let our prayers and our journey today Uplift, Encourage and Support the trudging George ‘Eddie’ Lorton has already made up to this point by supporting him and this effort with our prayers THIS DAY. He made the stand and made the journey, NOW WE THE PEOPLE of Nevada need to BRING THE BACKUP.

Ah-ho Msit Nókmaq ~All My Relations

Suit Up and show up to court in Carson City today. If not; PLEASE choose to pray with me to the God of your own misunderstanding, S/He made a path for each one of us. join me in prayer today for the Scales of Balance to be restored to Nevada. Wado


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