New Official Trailer

New Official Trailer. This one is more near and dear to my heart than you know. I lost my only son to his court ordered AA sponsor on the run from Florida on pedophile charges. I was an AA member until I gave up try to fix it from the inside for the last decade. Instead I was sent on a trek from NC to CA.

Support any way that is possible for you, financial, time, services, whatever you have to bring to the table….contact Monica Richardson.

For a decade I have been a member who is sick of listening to traditions protect criminals inside what is supposedly safe enough the courts are dumping them in the same room as your 16 or 17 yr old that just got pulled for dui.


> I like Jaro, I too lost a young person over.AND I WAS ON THE INSIDE OF THE ROOMS WITH HONEST SOBRIETY. My only son had Barely turned 21 when he was found dead and dumped. Thank you lawyers and judges and courts that thought this through. Thank you once again for doing Nothing when I called and called GSO/WSO. Except repeat half of one tradition to me like it MADE EVERYTHING OK and no one ACCOUNTABLE OR RESPONSIBLE< find and read the Rest of the tradition John mentions in the video then find the long version of it.

How did that get so Twisted? and how did the Courts decide it was safer to send them into the rooms when we were bringing the meeting to the jail, hospitals and institutions?

So please stay afloat of this project. Don’t let my son’s death be for nothing, don’t let Karla’s death be for Nothing; don’t let a mother and 8 year old daughters death be for NOTHING….

not if you can do Something…..


“Sometimes destruction Must occur so Construction CAN occur” ~ native artist Veronica

Wado, Woman Walkin in Faith


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