Post Script to last post President Obama

Mr President,

Last week, I checked out the Better@Home sent from Consumer Direct who refuses to bill original Medicare; even though Medicare already gave a prior approval to me that Consumer Direct only has to bill them. Then their own flyer came to me and to  my home health care worker. Who is my step sibling whom has been unemployed since his own bout with cancer and his company promptly found reason to let him go upon return to full duty. So his only employment is me, he recently was increased in hours from 12 hrs per week to 17.25 hrs. This new Program called Better@Home could not be found online, so we emailed who MEDICARE SAYS IS MY ADVOCATE but they say they aren’t.( just one more thing) The response was they wanted to know how we even knew about it since it is still in the developing stages but the terms were basically that I had to pay UP FRONT for the service…in other words I have to pay them out of my pocket first then they will authorize my worker to work that amount and then I can wait till Original Medicare reimburses ME. Whenever they get around to it.

GREAT PLAN! NOW SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW? I received my SSA/SSI TAX forms yesterday….I made a whole $7,800. for the entire year of 2013. SO PLEASE TELL ME HOW I WILL PAY THE EMPLOYYEE WAGES UPFRONT TO CONSUMER DIRECT TO PAY HIM WHILE I WAIT TO BE REIMBURSED? How will I eat, buy toilet paper, shampoo, cleaning products for house cleaning to stay well, oh yes how about the money for meds? and yes a roof over my head….or is it a matter of going back to Southern California to live in my old GMC truck but let’s face it I won’t even have gas to run the dang heater in the truck on cold nights…

That’s right, that is exactly how I ended up in Reno when my sibling found out I was sick and living in my truck. So is this a back to square ONE or just a big flippin’ JOKE? CUZ I AIN”T LAUGHING ANYMORE!

Not to mention we did attend a bankruptsy class last week because his applying for the HARP program they said they would tack the payments to the end but they denied us and instead we were met with a prompt payment bill or foreclosure process would start…for less than 4000. we fell behind. MY sibling even turned in his vehicle he loved so dearly to save this house….so we also got a prompt payment for 7,200. on the KIA he voluntarily turned in and did it in a good way to GREATER NEVADA BANK. They said he did not qualify for a hardship. That was after going in to the office 3 times prior asking to apply for hardship and they would not even let us apply until the fourth trip. He turned it in over 87 short on the payment thinking at least he could make the house payment to apply for the HARP. BUT even MORE DISTURBING TO ME….the lawyer holding the class did not know what HARP WAS and even argued with me that I must be talking about some program called HARM.


CREATOR, hear me, it is I, Zentague Onana, fix what man is Choosing to Ignore. Justice with Mercy for all concerned, Swiftly please. Ah-HO Mitaukye Oyasin


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