To vote responsibly; First WE MUST have CHOICE…Reno, NV residents I am speaking to you.

The last week or so has been crazy in my own life but things of importance weigh on my mind and on my heart. It is when they weigh on my very spirit that I must speak out. In the last week, I got to speak with a business man, Eddie Lorton that earned my respect long before he knew I even existed. He is running for Mayor of Reno, but like another gentleman I had the honor of speaking in person with, Niklas Putnam, whom is running for District 25 Assemblyman; both men don’t have the finances such as those that continue to be ‘elected’ because they are uncontested. So YES, Reno residents I am speaking to YOU.

WE THE PEOPLE have no choices. Why? If it is money then let’s Crowdfund or fund raise, but let us not be so apathetic that we do NOTHIN;G once again. So if you are a registered voter, personally I don’t care what your party affiliation is…. sign the petitions, so there is not a single’ uncontested’ seat for a single ‘elected’ office. WE can make the difference by just signing the petition so someone, anyone can run against those holding office.

Please make no mistake I am NOT knocking anyone in office! I am stating a fact, Reno residents GAVE away their right to CHIOCE. NOW take it back!!!!! just sayin’ let’s make it worth going out to vote in RENO once again. WE ARE THE HOPE, so lets bring the back up. Sign the petitions and get some competition back in voting…what did they used to call it? Oh yes, Democracy! It is OUR right. Just because you sign a petition does not mean you have to vote for that person. Do your own research, make your own choice, vote the issue and vote responsibly. Vote whomever you truly believe will do the job and bring the change you want to see. BUT First WE MUST take back our right to CHOICE, do NOT allow a single seat to run uncontested in 2014 elections, Please ! ? !

just 1 Woman walkin in Faith

Please read this article and you may understand why:


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