STEP ON UP, Reno Residents and fellow Americans ; SPEAK UP and BE Heard !

I received this email this afternoon :

Today at 2:58 PM

My Fellow Americans,

  As one  of the 1.6 million Americans still unemployed (not due to the lack of trying on  a daily basis),  no longer  collecting unemployment due to the January 1, 2014 cutoff and 1 of 9.2%  unemployed in the state of Nevada, I decided to watch the President’s state of  the union address.  Although I found  it interesting and inspiring, I found the attitude of the Speaker of the House,  John Boehner (R-Ohio), very distracting. I am neither a Republican nor Democrat;  I am nonpartisan independent when I vote. I vote on the issues and how they will  be handled, how they affect me, my neighbors and my community.  I do not believe in everything the  President has done and yes some of what he said was vague. I do respect the man  because he is the PRESIDENT and he has shown initiative.  I am an American, born and raised, who  understands that our democracy allows us to vote in what we believe in. When we  elect these individuals we hope and pray they will be able to find solutions,  not add to the problems. Shutting down the government over disagreements and  continuing to argue to get your way is not a solution. We have to compromise and  show a UNITED front to bring HOPE back to the American people. 

  As I sat  and watched, I kept getting distracted by the actions and facial expressions  that John Boehner, Speaker of the House, was making whenever he disagreed with  what the President was saying during the speech. It looked like he was squirming  and rolling his eyes in disgust. We the People know that Republicans and  Democrats do not see eye to eye very often and their philosophies are different  when it comes down to how the country should be run but in front  of the Nation and the World we must show  some type of unity. His actions showed very little respect for the President. If  I noticed these actions I am sure others did as well. This is not what We the  People want to see especially in the spotlight of the State of the Union  address. This is a time when UNITY is important and should be a priority to all  our elected officials. The World is watching. I believe that disagreements need  to be put aside, support needs to be shown and respect has to be a priority as  well. I am not saying that everything the President says he should agree with or  even vote for but the lack of respect he showed was uncalled for and very  unsettling. As the third highest ranking American official he must show the  PEOPLE he has the respect and concern for our current situations that the  common, both middle and lower class, working Americans are facing today. 

  We are  in a very tough time right now in America. We the People are the ones suffering  through it all NOT THOSE SITTING IN OFFICE. We the People, are the ones  struggling on a daily basis, just to survive. We elected you to help us get  through this period of time. We need to know you are at least trying to work  together to resolve the issues the Nation is facing. Your actions and lack of  respect, John Boehner, did nothing to help this matter. Whether you agreed or  even liked what he had to say, he is still the PRESIDENT and our  leader.

   We  the People and the World need to see that the United States of America and those  that represent us stand UNITED during the difficult times. Even when we do not  agree we can stand together and find solutions. Our leaders must show respect  for one another especially in front of America and the WORLD. Keep your emotions  to yourself when you are SITTING behind the man who has to face the NATION and  the WORLD and present a plan to everyone that may or may not be what you want or  agree with. Your actions are a representation of the people who put you in  office. The American people put our elected officials in office to help them not  embarrass them.

   In  the future, I hope our representatives can come together when they are in full  view of the public and show the UNITY we truly need to see not the disrespect  they have for one another.


So at this time I am offering you, another American the opportunity to also email me with your concerns, ESPECIALLY IF you live in NEVADA. But I am addressing ALL Americans in the USA to SPEAK UP and Be Heard! Email me at yahoo. woman_walkin_in_faith

as for the email sent to me, if you wish to comment or ask questions of the writer of the email the person has agreed to personally respond to any comments or questions left regarding the email.

now more than ever I ask that you PRAY for ‘The Good of the ALL’ in all matters. Wado, Woman Walkin in Faith

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