CONGRESSMAN PAUL BROUN, #Solutions , 2nd Amendment Rights, AR-15 contest?

At the bottom of an email I received today:

Congressman Broun is a leader for Positive Change based on the Constitution and sound conservative principles. He is leading the fight to reduce the size and scope of the federal government, as well as to dramatically reduce federal spending. He is author of the Balanced Budget Amendment

The part I found offensive and very UNCONSERVATIVE is this was at the bottom of an email to enter a contest to be given one SEMI AUTOMATIC  Assault Rifle AR-15!!!!!!!!!

While I do believe in the right to bear arms and my second amendment rights….why does ANY TRUE PATRIOT CIVILIAN, IN THE USA, NEED AN ASSULT RIFLE? A hand gun for self protection, a shotgun for hunting and home protection; those I understand anyone in the general public wanting to own. THEY SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR THOSE ARMS PROVIDED THEY FOLLOW THE LAWS.

But hello, ASSALT RIFLES mean a whole Different motive and intention !  IF that is what you are running on for a platform( FROM CONGRESSMAN) to US SENATE election…well do us all a favor. Don’t run, we have enough politicians that have twisted the Constitution   and the amendment rights to suit their own motive’s and intentions. And if I still lived on the border of Georgia, in western NC I would be doing all I could to stop this contest.

YOU ARE AN ELECTED OFFICIAL IS IT  EVEN LEGAL FOR YOU TO BE RUNNING SUCH A CONTEST< I wonder to myself….which of my other amendment right you are breaking just by doing so……

Georgia residents, PAY ATTENTION< IF you want things to change, help be the change you want to see in your neighborhoods and communities. and DO NOT ALLOW AR-15’s to be part of anyone’s CONTESTS. has more on this topic so you will know what is exactly in the email. Georgia folks BE THE CHANGE…. have we not lost enough children over stupidity?

This is not a #Solution in my opinion and holding this contest IS part of the problem in America. You need to be careful which wolf you choose to feed. Wolves by nature, will kill anything in their path during a full moon, even someone that has been feeding them, just stating a fact.

AR-15 contest being held by GEORGIA CONGRESSMAN ! #SayWhat!?!

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