Say What!?!

I received this in email today:

Dear MoveOn member,

Republican governors and likely future presidential candidates like Rick Perry, Scott Walker, and Bobby Jindal have come up with a new strategy  to undermine the Affordable Care Act—and right now they’re getting away with it.

It’s called the “hidden health tax” and it makes family insurance premiums $1,017 higher than they need to be. Here’s how this “hidden health tax” works: When a group of people is kept uninsured, it raises the  premiums for everyone else.1

So when Rick Perry, Scott Walker, and their Republican friends dig in their heels to prevent the expansion of the popular Medicaid program in their states, they’re not just keeping 5 million Americans without  insurance (which is bad enough)—they’re creating consequences  for the success of the whole Affordable Care Act, which impacts  tens of millions more people.

We won’t let them get away with it. We’re kicking off a national campaign to stop the GOP’s “hidden health tax” and expand Medicaid in the 25 states where Republicans have blocked it so far—and we’re going to make sure millions of Americans know about it.


SayWhat!?! and they call me NUTS? FIRE THEM IF THEY ARE IN YOUR STATE! GET SOMEONE THAT WILL DO THE JOB NOT DO A JOB ON YOU! WHAT THE HAY!?!  We can #BeTheChange  …. so step up vote responsibly. vote the issue and do your research on who is running and for crying out loud do not let them run if they are not eligible to run. THESE ARE PUBLIC SERVANT JOBS NOT THEIR PERSONAL RETIREMENT PLANS, while we go without. Woman walkin wants to know who gave the ‘idiots’ a paddle to stir the pot? Vote responsible and look at their track record….ignore the tv ads and do your own research, you will find more facts and they won’t be twisted. just sayin’


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