Elder’s Meditation of the Day February 10


“The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the dust and blood of our ancestors.”
–Plenty Coups, CROW

Mother Earth is the source of life and the place all life returns to. She gives us life. She feeds us through our journey and she waits for us to return to her. The Indian way is to recognize the earth as the place of our ancestors. That is why certain places on earth are considered sacred areas and sacred land; this is the place of our ancestors. We all need to reflect upon the earth, the place where our ancestors lived. We need to have love and respect for the earth.

My Creator, let me honor the place of our ancestors, Mother Earth.


Msit Nókmaq/All My Relations,
If we truely believe in our walk then all of this earth is Sacred not certain allocated places. Where Our Ancestors are buried is ground that should be considered Higher ground but with all the major expansion in cities now for population many of the Ancestors are being disturbed. The Whiteman does not wake his grandparents from sleep but will wake the Indian peoples Grandparents and then place them in scientific laboratories for studies. What is there to know about us since they already have hundreds of thousands of us in their black rooms in shoe boxes? We must learn to pray for those who have problems with their minds and do bad things. The place you live is Sacred because Creator made all the material to build it and the earth it sits upon.
~Arthur Medicine Eagle Sonier, MEGAMAW.

Gitsch Manito-Creator, Wásóq-Spiritworld, Please help me to see the Sacredness of all people, Places and Things. Help me to walk in the ways of My Grandparents to do good for all and not just a chosen few. Please help me to see the Eagle and wolf are both Sacred and their thinking is done for specific purpose and meaning. Please help me to see Humans are the same way and I must seek you more often to survive on this Sacred Earth.
Welálin-ThankYou, Msit Nókmaq, Chi-Miigwetch, Mitauke Oyasin

Permission to post the Daily Meditations has been granted to Five State Alliance of First Americans from “WhiteBison.Org” Please support Their efforts at


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