President Obama , sir, how do ‘we the people’ fight this?

Voiceless Cry out to Governor of Nevada for Help

This video only shows the tip of the iceberg of harm and suffering that unnecessary institutionalization causes many elderly people. The video was brought directly to the Nevada Governor’s attention more than one year ago. After viewing the video, the Governor’s staff would not publicly comment about the state’s involvement. Nor, would the Governor bother to answer the elderly individuals who are still pleading for his help. Only a couple brief discussions with a disabled advocate were allowed. And, no pertinent questions would be answered by the Gov.’s staff.

meeting with Gov. Sandoval staffThe disability advocate points out to Gov.’s staff that the State’s means of stopping the ongoing unnecessary institutionalization, are simply not working. “The State is unjustly warehousing our elderly and persons with disabilities.”

The first Deputy Chief of Staff, Ann Wilkinson was asked about further opening existing homecare resources to alleviate the problem and about improving the state’s “FOCUS” program, (created to transition people out of institutions). She was also asked, “Why not inform institutionalized people that they have a right to choose homecare?” Her all-inclusive answer was, “NO. We have our own means.”

The current Deputy Chief of Staff, Jackie Bryant was asked about the same issues. Later, she conveyed the Governor’s pathetic final word, “There will be no change. Independent homecare will remain closed off from those who are not already receiving it.” The advocate objected, “Wouldn’t that merely satisfy a few and be neglecting the others that really need the homecare service?” No answer would be given.

The state administrators, who are directly responsible for the ongoing unnecessary institutionalization of these people, deny any wrongdoing. They smoothly spin away from their culpability saying, “We have made real progress and have been credited by a national disability advocate for our progress… We feel our home care resources are adequate. We will not allow others to use Independent Homecare.”

Nevada Governor Sandoval lends support to those who have offered him supportive alliances. Reasonably, he believes in exercising loyalty to his political associates. Almost without question, he goes along with state administrators whom he has known for years. But, what is greatly disappointing is that this aspiring politician is not willing to stand up for these non-influential people pleading for his help–– in particular, when it requires going against the desires of his favored associates.

By Rick Cline, the disability advocate mentioned
see previous video tweet that is missing @KeepersKeepers


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