The Greatest Moments in History with Screech

I would post but I don’t want to tattle on myself…lol. enjoyed this.


Saved by the Bell was an early 1990s sitcom starring Zachary “Zach” Morris, A.C. “Bulging Biceps” Slater and of course, Samuel “Screech” Powers.

That hat totally ups the cool factor, Screech. That hat totally ups the cool factor, Screech.

Screech was the lovable spazoid who roamed the halls of Bayside High always ready with a squeaky-voiced quip or a nerdtastic facial tic to impress the ladies.

And his wardrobe? Spectacular.


I bet you didn’t know that Screech also played an historic part in some of our more historical moments in history….um…historically… Yeah, that sounded convincing.

Fine, you got me, he actually didn’t. But sometimes I wish he had.

Let’s start way back with the Declaration of Independence. I think you’d agree, Screech added just the right amount of levity needed at such a monumental moment in time.

See if you can spot him:


Wow, you’re good! You weren’t even distracted by all the tights and powdered wigs. Well done.

Moving on. Nothing says “spontaneous…

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