Elder’s Meditation of the Day February 22


” In the Indian way, we are connected to that flower if we understand its spirit, the essence of its life.” –Larry P. Aitken, CHIPPEWA

Everything on our Earth is alive. Every rock, every plant, every animal, every tree, every bird, every thought is alive. This is true because everything is made by the Great Spirit and the Great Spirit is alive. We need to slow our lives down each day and realize, consciously, that this is true. First we need to realize it, second, we need to acknowledge it, third, we need to appreciate it and, finally, we need to go on.

Great Spirit let me see life through your eyes. Today let me be alive.


Msit Nókmaq/All My Relations,
We need to stop saying things unless we really mean it. To tell a person something then recant it is the same as Lying. So where is our connection when we do not speak the truth?
~ Arthur Medicine Eagle-Sonier, MEGAMAW

Gitsch Manito-Creator, Wásóq-Spiritworld, Please help me to remain strong and to keep my word in all that I speak. Please help me to remain honorable to my vows and commitments.
Welálin-ThankYou, Msit Nókmaq, Chi-Miigwetch, Mitauke Oyasin

Permission to post the Daily Meditations has been granted to Five State Alliance of First Americans from “WhiteBison.Org” Please support Their efforts at

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~womanwalkininfaith *no donations go to me ! the links take you to exactly whom you will be supporting and their efforts to bring this wisdom to you. I, personally, support White Bison and Arthur Medicine Eagle as well as utilize the Elder’s meditations. This is merely my way of giving back….Our Elder’s have taught us there should always be an exchange of energy, out of respect of ALL that is.


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