Elder’s Meditation of the Day March 5


“I have always searched for my place and my people.”
–Wendy Rose, HOPI/MIWOK

For every human being to feel connected, we must have the feeling of belonging. That is one of the values and benefits of a culture: it creates the feeling of belonging. If for some reason, while you were growing up, you did not develop the feeling of belonging, a search will be triggered and a restlessness will be present in your heart. You will have a hole inside you, something missing, until you find your place and your people. Remember, we can get this feeling of belonging when we realize we belong to the Great Spirit and that He really loves us a lot.

My Creator, today, I belong to You. Let me feel Your presence. Thank You.


Msit Nókmaq/All My Relations,
As children we had others tease us and torment us sometimes til we cried. This made us feel like we did not belong and were not a part of the group. Then as adults we have basically the same individual disrespectful bullies continually causing pain towards others by their words and actions. Apparently they have not grown up yet. For a person to have the need to belong is human. To shun a person is not a spiritual walk at all it is a disgrace to Creator. Having a BIA card lays within this area also.Is one person so much better than another because they hold a piece of worthless paper that says they are Indian? We should know our families and our blood lines without others telling us who is and who is not!
~ Arthur Medicine Eagle-Sonier, MEGAMAW

Gitsch Manito-Creator, Wásóq-Spiritworld, Please help me to accept people for who and what they are. Please help me to not be like the bullies and belittle others. Teach me to walk in good ways without letting my EGO interfere.
Welálin~-Thank You, Msit Nókmaq, Chi-Miigwetch, Mitauke Oyasin

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