Joel Osteen a Victim to Cyber Bullying & Identity Theft

Please PLEASE, pay attention. Too many are choosing illegal or immoral ways to obtain money. Report anything you believe to be a scam. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL NOR BANKING INFO VIA online unless you are absolutely certain of whom you are dealing with. I don’t give out more than my area code online and fill the phone number in with zero’s and my I give my email. Past that I need to know who I am speaking with. I won’t give it over the phone either! Pay attention to those tiny details, they ARE your heads up that something is not right. Listen to that still small voice within. It won’t lie to you.

Among the Wolves

ATW is posting this article because the tactics used against Joel Osteen are similar to the bullying, identity theft and libel used by some of the abusive advocates revealed on this blog; and to show that this kind of attack could happen to anyone.

April 2013 – Pastor Joel Osteen was targeted in a sophisticated scam in which false online accounts were created using his name and personal information, a fake website was created and false messages were sent claiming Osteen “lost his faith” and “rejected Christ” and was going to resign. Millions of people saw or heard about these messages and were shocked..but NONE of these came from Osteen, they were all fake–a form of online identity theft and cyber bullying.

The attack began on April 1st when the imposter, Justin Tribble (of Minnesota) created Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media accounts using Joel Osteen’s name/image

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