Candidates for #renomayor2014

I would never presume to tell anyone how to vote or for whom to vote. Though, I will remind you, it is a privilege to vote, and it is to be done with much consideration. DO NOT TAKE THIS ELECTION LIGHTLY> RENO”S FUTURE DEPENDS ON OUR VOTE> Reno’s children depend on how responsibly you choose to vote this election and every election. I challenge each of you to “silence the negative campaign ads’ when they come on and instead do your own research on EACH AND EVERY CANDIDATE. Look at what they have for a track record and dig deep. Do not take anyone else’s word, do your own homework and know for yourself. Vote with your children in mind, your job in mind, your health in mind, THEN ponder how your choice will affect and effect the next 7 generations. Your action and in-action will determine the Reno of Tomorrow… what legacy do you wish to leave your children, grandchildren, great~grandchildren? Then vote what you truly believe…vote in the person you believe will do their best to get the job done, based on your own research. Be sure what the candidate says is what the action of the candidate shows. That is always my first red flag. just sayin’

What I know to be the truth….RENO HAS NEVER HAD MORE OPPORTUNITY FOR CHANGE THAN RIGHT NOW, With this #renomayor2014 . Vote RESPONSIBLY and a bit of prayer never hurts along the way 🙂 Wado, Woman Walkin in Faith

Here’s a look at who’s running for mayor:

DeLores Aiazzi, microbiologist and wife of former Councilman Dave Aiazzi

Robert Avery, tech entrepreneur

Marsha Berkbigler, lobbyist and Washoe County Commissioner

Michael James Bertrand, cattle rancher/property manager

Sean Burke, retail manager

Chad Dehne, medical technician

Tom Fitzgerald, retired businessman

Brian Lee Fleming

Eric Fromelius

Erik Holland, artist

Eddie Lorton, business owner

Mark Markel, anti-drunk driving crusader

Ian Pasalich, inventor of the Masha and other kitchen appliances

Tony Perri

Raymond “Pez” Pezonella, engineer

Larry Pizorno, Wolf Man

Charles “Chuck” Reno, civil engineer and Reno planning commissioner

Hillary Schieve, business owner and Reno City Councilwoman

Idora Silver, business management consultant

Ken Stark, commercial real estate broker

names used from


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